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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Premature Emendation ?

We all know of the problems with the HTML Editor, of late, but premature publishing? I was only typing the Post Title!

It happens, every now and then, and is easily to 'dismiss'.


Saturday, December 12, 2015

Google - Blogger Help Links, aren't Helpful

It's amazing to find Google Help and Blogger Help with Links which go nowhere. I thought it was just all the links to THEM which I made on MY blogs. After a while away from blogging, I noticed the amount of links to Blogger and Google which don't work, and it's astounding. I'll give them some leeway because they've upgraded a lot of stuff in the last three years, and mistakes happen, but links on a HELP site, for millions of users? Gimme a break!

From the My Account section on Language Input - Problems with Changing Language ...

Takes the User here ...

From Blooger Help ...

Finally, I had to search for the site I wanted, on the 'net ...

The Accounts 'experts', and Authors, who ask you is a site has been helpful, shouldn't be paid this week !


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Signing-in to a Google Account - with another Email Account.

Sounds weird, I know, but many people, like me, have a Google Account(s) for, say, Gmail, or Blogger, and use, through preference, an Email account which isn't a Google one, say, a Yahoo, or Hotmail account. Google recognise that users have non-Google emails, and have made allowance for it. Google now offers the ability to have the non-Google email address, as a log-in address, by making it an 'Alternative Address' on your Google Account.

What I can't figure out, for example, is how a hotmail email will log-on to a Gmail Email Account? Even if I start with, say, 'BobsBlogs @', and if I link it to 'BobsBlogs @', as an Alternative Address, how am I going to log-on to the latter, using the former? Even weirder. Am I missing something? Is there a 'button' somewhere? A special screen?

Well, the 'secret' is that I can't have my Gmail account pre-set on the Google Home-Page, and as long as the Email Account I want to use, is NOT associated (linked), in any way, with a Google Account, then it'll be OK, so they say. In other words, I have to be logged-out of Google...completely.

Here's what I mean ...

This is incorrect -

This is Correct -

I can now log-on with my 'Alternative Address'.

Here's how I set it up ...

  • To set it up, I need to open the 'My Account' option, on my Google Account, using my Google Account email.
  • In the "Personal info & privacy" section, select my personal info.
  • Choose Email
  • Next to "Other emails," select Edit.
  • In the "Add a new alternate address" field, enter an email address I own, and then...
  • Save.

I can always disguard the added Email Address, should I change my mind.

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