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Friday, March 24, 2017

The Demise of the Language Bar

Well, I suppose everything has its day. The Language translator gadget, developed by myself, Roberto, and Nitecruzr, has, for all intents and purposes, been superceded by a newer gadget - a fancy small blog intrusion, which now sits, unobtrusively, atop my Sidebar. The Translator gadget from Google.

That's the way it goes, I s'pose. I did, however, enjoy greatly, the challenge of creating the collection of Flag icons, and tweaking Nitecruzr's script, for the Translations. We had big ideas what might happen with it, and created CUMULUS blogs, to support the 'Language Bar', as we initially called it.

This is what it (my blog) looked like, and functioned properly, last week ...

This is what it (my blog) looks like, today ...

Naturally, I have to remove the gadget with all the flags. I get 404 - not founds, everytime I click a flag ...

We had a good run with it, however.


Thursday, March 23, 2017

I Like the New Themes, except for...

I have seen NOTHING, apart from a nice looking theme design, (Contempo), for my blog, which would get me to change to one of the NEW Themes. To be fair, their design is a world apart from the Simple template that I have at the moment. I don't even know if I am to refer to the 'New Themes', as templates, but Simple suits me. Don't say it!

I tried the New Themes on my Testing blog, and -
  • There's no Navbar. Not even a Gadget to get one, unless I'm looking in the wrong spot!
  • I couldn't Adjust widths manually. Are the Themes probably designed that way - for maximum screen size?
  • Blogger Help is NO help!

My Old blog template, on the 'Theme Setting' screen. I selected a NEW Theme called CONTEMPO, and ...

I looked at the new theme, and it seemed nice, so I applied it to the blog.

I then went on to 'Customise' the template ...

After tweaking a few options, I thought about the blog width, which normally is listed on the left. Nope. Checked. Not there, although I thought I saw a screen flash of what I wanted, but it didn't load. Mmmm.

Always a 'taste it and see' sort of guy, I checked it out on Blogger, and it did look good. I went searching on the 'Layout' screen, to see if the missing options might be there. Nah, bad luck, Louie. Not even a Navbar to get back to the Dashboard!

Ditched it, and went back to my 'Simple' way. Was I/Am I wr, wr, wr/incorrect? Should I be looking somewhere else ?


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Uploading an Image

I was looking at the Blogger Help Forum the other day, and saw a question from a blogger about Images not being posted to his blog. He said that they never seem to get past the wizard. Well, that could be a result number of things (reasons), but most probably how he is using the wizard. It really is simple - if you follow the steps.

Step 1. Click on the image icon on the Post Editor, where you write your blog posts ...

Step 2. Select where the image is that you wish to upload, and click on 'Choose Files'. see image

Step 3. After selecting your image, the wizard will display it. If you are happy, you have to 'select' the image by 'clicking' on it, to get a Blue Box, around it. see the next two images

and ...

Step 4. Once you complete these steps, you'll be required to indicate to the wizard WHERE it is to locate the image(s) on your post. see image

Easy as.