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Sunday, November 27, 2005



- FAMILY presents my family history in Australia, over nearly 200 years. Our beginnings, some interesting members, and some sporting tales. there is also a link to Google docs for Family Trees.

- RECIPES is a collection of all the good recipes I have collected over the years. Some I have prepared, some I haven't (but would like to)!

- REFLECTIONS of a past, present, and hopefully, long future. travelling around with my trusty little Nokia 6100 phone camera, lets me snap what takes my fancy. As I say, "Photography is a snap!"

- ROBERTO'S BLOGS dot net is my 'Homepage' blog.

- the REPORT details my efforts to help bloggers with the vagaries and problems of blogging. I present remedies to bloggers in as easy a format as possible. It's not too technical!


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