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Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Uploading Photos? Problems?

I have been a member of quite a few Forums since becoming a Blogger! In nearly every forum, from time to time, I see letters from Bloggers who have problems and concerns re: uploading photos to their Blogs...
  • "I upload, but no photo appears!"
  • "I can't get the photo to Upload without it timing out!"
  • "If I do manage to upload the photo, the Blog doesn't publish it!"

Just typical concerns. Rightly so! We put in enough hours on our Blogs to warrant no additional hassles? Correct?

I believe there is a simple answer to all these concerns, as I have NO problems uploading photos - ever! Ready? OK, here goes ...


OK, here the gist of it. Your Blog is only so wide (don't worry too much about the 'exacts' here. Trust me. I don't know the exacts for all template designs - but, it is)!

As at the time of writing this post, the Blog Page had a limit - overall - including photos - of 1 Mb, for display purposes! Therefore, your photo has to be within certain guidelines, or it won't be uploaded! If it is uploaded, Blogger, itself, will adjust the size to their parameters. Many Blog sites, won't let you upload a photo if it's outside a certain size range - that's 96 Kbs! Outside that, and it's a NO GO, JOE!

Compressing a copy of your photos won't damage them. Make a folder in, say, My Pictures. Call it what you want. Copy your Blog-able photos to it so you don't compress your originals, then, using either Windows Microsoft Office Picture Manager, or whatever, compress that/those photos to, or a little less than 100 Kbs.

I use the setting - compress to 'document-size'. They usually come out at around 50 Kbs or less, which I think is getting to the right size. Width and Height can also be reduced! This doesn't effect the finished blogged photo - except in size, naturally. It'll still look good on your Blog! Hell, if it is too small, do it all again - decreasing the reduction to say 120 Kbs.

Remember, it's important to select small, medium or large on the Photo Upload wizard, too!

* Have a look at the following site, webcredible, which I was directed to, for another matter - (side-bar dropping). There's so much information there!

I found the article I wanted, which straightened me out. When I learned of the restriction of Blogs, I have never since, had a problem with the side-bar dropping or falling to the bottom of the page, nor have I had problems with photos uploading! Except, naturally, when Blogger Beta has faults.

Try it. It may help you. Size DOES matter! If you want to see this in action, check out this post from the 'future'! See if you can pick which photo is reduced, compressed, or 'au naturel'.