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Friday, 13 October 2006

Max to 99! Migration coming!

Get ready for a Migration - to utter K.A.O.S! Even Max Smart, and 99, his ever-faithful, and beautiful side-kick, (and wife), couldn't envisage the scenario to this drama. It would be a very funny show, if we could view it all in one series, too.

To understand the possibility of impending chaos, you have to have read, What Does Migrating Involve?, or a drier version (from my mate, Chuck) Migration To Blogger Beta.

I nearly kacked myself laughing at a reply I read today, from a Blogger employee, in response to an Open Question posed by a concerned blogger (part-copy below). Some of the comments are pointedly sceptical about Blogger's abilities, and then this Blogger Employee's Reply takes the cake...

I don't know exactly how many of you Readers and bloggers, have been prompted to think about this chaotic Migration concern, but I just want to say, in hindsight, that the above snippet from Jordan, runs fairly well along the lines of the scenarios in my 3 articles, "What Does Migrating Involve?" If you look at the above, you can see all the PHASED PILOT ideas for a Migration of the expected proportions of Blogger Classic to Blogger Beta.

The first sentence,... is the platitude. This is aimed at keeping you happy. They are happy with the ONE- WAY street, of US giving THEM feedback! What about the feedback WE require? Communication is a two-way street, Mr. Blogger! Once a month, or longer, update of "Known Issues" doesn't cut it, for me!

The second sentence, "...we look forward to moving everyone over to the new version of Blogger (as you should too!)... " - what a load of BS..."but, before we do this, we want to make sure that it is ready and no one will lose functionality". What functionality? Going on the amount of reported problems in Google Groups - of varying reasons and probable causation, there can't be too much 'functionality' to worry about! Things that are reportedly 'fixed' - break-down again, or still affect half, or more, of the Bloggers. These are some...

  • Why can some Bloggers upload photos and some cannot? - Still a problem.
  • Why do some Bloggers get 'ERROR: 404' and others don't? - Still a problem.
  • Why do some Bloggers still have problems with Comments? - Still a problem.
  • Why do some Bloggers have pages missing? - Still a problem.
  • Why are some Bloggers having Publishing problems? - Still a problem.
  • Why do Beta blogs not work with Google Sitemaps? - Still a problem.

I'm compiling a list, of many of the concerns and problems, faced at present by Bloggers.

The third sentence, "...We're taking the time right now, when only a small percentage of users have moved over to beta, TO IRON OUT ANY KINKS THAT MAY POP UP and prepare it for the rest of our users". Ha! Ha! - this is the cruncher - "...iron out any kinks that may pop up...".

This is the reason for the first and second parts of the Phased Pilot. The 'Testing' phases. Maybe, if this PRESENT part of the Migration, is the 85%, - goodness gracious, and they've only moved a 'small percentage'? Good Grief! They are going to try and move their final 10% - in a few months time? NO-WAY, JOSÉ!

We've been the GUINEA PIGS! We've been the CANNON FODDER. We are the CATTLE! We are finding the way for the rest - the Final 10% - the BIG BOYS - to follow. Glad I am not one of the final group.

Stuff our blogs up and keep our blood pressure rising - as a test? That's keeping us happy, Folks! How would Blogger expect anyone to believe this? Who do they think they are kidding ?

Then she goes on to say, "...Essentially we won't force migration until Blogger in beta is ready, which will probably be in the next few months". This is the part where I lost it, Folks. I've not laughed so much, in ages! I really think it's at least 6 - 12 months, not a few!

Did YOU actually have a choice to migrate? I remember when Roberto's Retreat, my first Classic Blog , was little more than a month old, I signed-in one day, and had a fairly pointed message to convert, because, I had heard that, if I didn't, it may not be offered again, in the foreseeable future. "Get it now while it's hot", so to speak!

Then, comes the pièce de résistance", " ... until Blogger in Beta is ready (to wrap-up), which will probably be in the next few months". Well, if that's what Jordan, and Blogger Support think, they are certifiable. They can't even get this first part of a gigantic Migration done properly! I think it's a pie in the sky! Of course, if it doesn't work, what do these employees lose? It's Mr. Blogger who loses - not money, but face! Chaotic, eh?

The last two paragraphs are just rubbish. To finish off this 'thread-reply' from Blogger Employee, have a look at this example of more BS and platitudinous rubbish. There's only one thing I can find to say, at the moment. "JORDAN! YOU ARE ON DRUGS - and they are NOT working properly!"

Keep watching - I have more coming! The list of concerns - as I see them.


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