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Wednesday, 4 October 2006

What Does Migrating Involve?

Everyone may think of a different meaning for the word Migration. It may be Birds going south for the winter (Australia is a great place)! It may be Wildebeest and Zebra on their great Migration in Africa. But, probably, most people who enjoy Blogging, would think of the Great Migration to Beta!

Now, I have given it some thought, asked many questions, and have my own opinions, which I may write up at sometime soon. Suffice to say, for this minute, I am thinking in two fields. Cowboys and Cattle. For each field, there is, naturally, a scenario. Good, so far? OK.

Scenario Number 1.

Now, if you'll pardon this analogy, I am thinking of all Bloggers as Cattle. I could have called them Marbles, or Crayons, but Cattle is good - just for this story, I assure you.

In the this scenario, the Bloggers, sorry, Cattle, are all rounded-up together in a vast herd of thousands, millions. They are also, all the one sex - female, all the one breed - Bloggerford, and all belong to the one Cattle Rancher, Mr. B. Logger, Esq. (played by John Wayne).

All the COWBOYS have to do is drive them to the ranch and put them into the various yards. Correct? Correct! Now, the Cowboys are represented by Blogger Support Engineers, and other Staff, - on their annual holidays. The trouble is, that these cowboys haven't been on a Migration , let alone seen some of the challenges of herding thousands of cattle to the pens! So, what do they do? One bright spark says, "Let's do a Test-run with ten, or so, and see what problems there might be." Feasible? Yes, I think so, but is ten cattle a fair example? No, I don't think so.

Another, wiser engineer Cowboy, says; "I think we should look at the herd, in toto! They are all the same, so what problems could there be - apart from maybe a Mountain Lion, a Wolf, or a Coyote along the way? We have ten days to move them all to Mr. Logger's ranch and get them penned up. No worries!

The wisest Cowboy of all, The Chief, Mr. B. Logger, himself, says; "That's a great idea, but why don't we split the herd into five different groups, and drive a certain amount of Cattle each day to the pens. That way, we can keep a better eye on them as they will be in smaller groups! Hooray! Hooray! It's easy to see why he's the Boss, eh?

OK, so by the end of the allotted time, all the Cattle have been moved into the pens, and there were only a few little problems. These were noted and will be remembered for next time, whenever. Pretty easy, eh? I thought so. But, will it be as easy when...

OK, OK. Some of you may be saying; "What about the boy cattle? The Bulls? "Well, I did say this was only Scenario Number 1. Didn't I?" Mr. B. Logger also had his new partners, the Giggle Cattle Corp, to think about.

* I also need to mention, here, that all the above cattle WANTED to be moved into the nice comfortable NEW pens. They mooed in agreement, when it was offered to them! It was referred to, by Mr. B. Logger, as a Homogenous Migration.

Keep watching for the fun part - SCENARIO NUMBER 2, coming soon to a blog, near you!



Anonymous said... your approach and loved your blog...the cattle metaphor did it for me!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice indeed I’ll probably download it. Thanks.