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Thursday, 30 November 2006

Security is great, if...

There are constant, sophisticated, and sly, efforts going on - right at this moment - to steal your computer - and, through your computer, hopefully, get to other people's computers, like mine, too!

So, your security precautions are great - IF - you :-

  • Keep them Up-to-Date
  • Use them regularly - once a day, maybe
  • Know how to interpret the results
  • Recognise possible problem areas
  • Have the correct defence

...the list goes on, and on, and on. So, how do I keep abreast of what's happening out there? I do not have the time to just sit at my computer looking up hundreds of sites for Security Information! I want to do some things, like blog, check my email, surf the web, watch a video, play games, or listen to the latest music.

Well, that's totally understandable. Most people do, too. I do, however, check one site - EVERY DAY. This is a good one!

I know that if there is anything which could possibly be of great concern to me, Chuck will have it posted in PChuck's (the 'P' stands for Paranoid) Network. That's his job. He is an Information Technologist, with a bent for Security. I know many of you may say; "Why Chuck? There are many sites out there for info." That may be very true, but, I TRUST CHUCK! So, can you.

For instance, I was reading an article about Video's this morning, and then linked here, and there, to come across another article, which prompted me to think about the ways bugs, trojans, viruses etc, get into my computer. I immediately went to PChuck's Network to look anything up, and there it was - an Article on Fake Codecs.

By the way, Microsoft - does NOT send - updates via Email!

How many people will blindly make Security blunders, through ignorance? Help yourselves to Chuck's brain!

A good starting place is keeping your Passwords STRONG, and changed regularly .


Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Checking your Connectivity

I thoroughly recommend, a regular, daily visit, to PChuck's Network. I also recommend, highly, a daily visit to your PingPlotter. Oh? Not heard of it?

Pingplotter has saved me going completely nuts, many times. Chuck got me onto it some time ago. PingPlotter is a Diagnostic Network Troubleshooting Tool. Don't however, confuse this with the Ping Command.

I have it open on the bottom toolbar, and whenever I see a slowness on my program, I quickly check to see if I have lost connection, or packet size is decreasing, or many number of things associated with my ISP - generally, before they know!

For instance, I can check how many Router Hops there are between Nakhon Si Thammarat, in the south of Thailand, where I live, and wherever I eventually get connected to the Internet - generally, Bangkok - 1000 miles north. I can graph the performance of a particular section of the route my connection takes. I can then get this information reviewed by an expert. I can then use that information to assist me in getting help, or backing up my case for Service to the connection. It's wonderful. Try it.


Still having problems. It's ongoing.

Blogger is in their final phase of the Migration. Many Classic Accounts have been moved over, and many bloggers are happy, unhappy, stunned, blasé, and suffering from many other emotions. That's only natural.

The thing that amazes me most, is that, nothing much seems to be getting fixed! I still see many questions relating to Publishing - in general. I still see many questions about:

  • Photo Uploading,
  • Posting,
  • Blog Access Problems,
  • 3rd Party,
  • Comments,
  • Feeds,
  • Blogthis,
  • Browser problems.
  • Why?

When answering a concerned blogger's question about Remember Me, in Google Groups today, 29th November, I went immediately to Blogger Beta Known Issues and searched for it. I found an update on that issue, dated in SEPTEMBER! Nothing since!

Here it is...

- The "Remember Me" login option will not work correctly in Internet Explorer 6.0., or 7! The best workaround is to simply use Firefox. However, if you prefer IE, you can add to the list of allowed sites under Internet Options> Privacy.

and also...

- The "Flag for Review" button is missing from the navbar on beta Blog*Spot blogs. .

Everyone should know that the 'Flag' button has been on the Beta Navbar for about two weeks, now.

So, I can add lack of Communication, to the above list of continued problems. Oh, sorry, sorry! It's Thanksgiving! Oh, yeah, I forgot. Jordan and everyone are probably on Holidays! Not a care in the world, eh?

This also leads me on to another of my pet hates. Do you think a company, say Bell Telephone, has non-paid Helpers like Blogger does, to answer customer problems? I know we don't pay for this service, but other Companies do, through their advertising, and Google/Blogger makes a bloody fortune!

Why, then, have they only got one, or two Blogger Employees scanning the Help forum?
Occasionally, at that!


Saturday, 11 November 2006

Phishing ALERT


Hello Readers!

As you know, I read Chuck's blogs. he's an Information Technology expert, and Internet Security Professional, from California. Chuck let me know today, that there is a MAJOR PHISHING scam, currently happening, with myspace accounts. Please read this following article;

MySpace? Stay Away.

Please take precautions, as recommended... and don't think it stops there, either.

How would you like to be a Job Seeker? It's high-time for all of us to wise up, folks. These baddies want your - everything!

p.s. Dec. 2006...

Also, have a read of this article regarding Instant Messengers. It's getting so you can't trust anything.

Maybe consider Sandboxing your Browser. Maybe use a Proxy Server when 'surfing' the Web?


Change your Password(s) - Regularly!

With all the Spammers, Hackers, Trojans, Bots, Identity Thieves, Phishers, out there, these days, it is a wise precaution, to Change your Password - regularly.

Make it a 'strong' password!

Make is a 'Good' password!

Have a look at this User Guide - Choosing Good Passwords - a User Guide - from M-Tech - Identity Management Solutions.

It was only a month, or so, ago, that there was a scare on

In light of that Phishing attack on the myspace site, hundreds of thousands of site owners are now at risk. I hope some of them read this article; My Space? Stay Away!

You can NOT be too careful, in today's environment. That includes your email account, too. Do you think I am joking? Read this article about the supposed, Internet Explorer 7 Support.

Take it seriously, folks. This is NOT a drill. It's a warning!


Sunday, 5 November 2006

Have The Chooks Come Home to Roost?

I mentioned some time ago, in my Migration series, how Blogger would probably need to add staff to their force in order to complete the Migration - because they would be a little bit busier.

Well, it seems, as you well know by now, that Blogger is getting ready to move the last 10%, although they may not call it that, I am pretty close to the mark, I think. It has been reported several times, now, by Blogger Employee, that ALL Blogger Accounts will be Migrated within a couple of months!

Well, is this the first of many? Or another under-estimation of the situation?

What amazes me most, is the level of problems doesn't seem to be diminishing? In fact, some of the old ones are re-surfacing - in spades! The biggest problem still appears to be communication - the lack of it!

What I truly wonder is, with all their existing problems, and low Public Image, how many more Helpers will become Blogger Buzzers? Or, Buzzards? I am very sure they will not just pick anybody to help them, though, Blogger do make some very strange decisions.

My bet is they won't add many, if any, staff to the Help Forum - maybe one, or two - at most! Why should they? They have 10, or so, poor 'helpers' (Blog*Stars) like me, who spend hours trying to help other bloggers with problems. Cheap staff, eh?

It will be a very interesting time over the next 'few' months!