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Saturday, 23 December 2006

Blogger ! You are joking!

I really can't believe what I have just read, today. One fellow blogger, has been waiting over 16 hours for his Blog - with 2000+ posts on it, to be Migrated.

When you click on the URL concerned, you get this...

This is another prime example of the need to kick Blogger. Bloody Blogger people are having LEAVE? HOLIDAYS? - For FIVE DAYS? You're JOKING, JORDAN! You are the only person who helps. Buzzer is learning to be of assistance, too, and I thank her, him, too. BUT, aren't there too many problems at the moment, on the coal-face? Just how long do people have to wait? How long does Migrating a Blog take? Where IS the communication improvement you promised all those months (Fri. Oct. 13th) ago?

I quote...
Thanks for your thoughts, Chuck. Communication is something we know is important and are working to increase.

What about all the people who will not be having a good, blogging Christmas? How the hell, can you take a break? I could imagine all the troops in Iraq saying; - 'Oh, well, General, it's been a busy year, so we are having a break! Tell Bushy, will you? Back in five (5) days'.

I hope all your friends, who have Migration problems, don't lob around to your house, and chop down your Chrissy-Tree!


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