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Friday, 15 December 2006

A Question of Privacy.

There are two sections of a Blog Profile, which have the word REQUIRED next to them:-

  • Username
  • Display Name

Only the Display Name will be published.

Your Username (an email address) will appear on YOUR screen, or, on your NavBar, because YOU are logged-in. This tells you which Log-in name you are using - NO-ONE ELSE CAN SEE IT!

There is a check-box (above image) which asks you; Show My Email Address? - Leave it blank!

The Display Name is what you want it to be. It's what goes on each of your Posts! It's changeable, too! You do not have to put your REAL name on this section. You have a choice! There are check-boxes next to most entries on the Profile Page. You choose!

Entries with nothing next to them, as per First Name, Last Name, are NOT REQUIRED. Leave them blank if you want to!

You do not have to have a Profile, either, but you have to have a Display Name and Username.

Only the Display Name will be made public!

Personal Privacy and Security is of paramount importance to Blogger, so READ the information!


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