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Thursday, 28 September 2006

Sidebar dropping lately?

Let me put you in the picture. One day, a long, long time ago, in a land not unlike this one, an old prince of a fellow, named Roberto, thought he was smarter than the average bear, Boo-Boo, and started a couple of Blogs with different emails. His computer wasn't flash, with only a 28.8Kbs dial-up, and Internet Explorer as a Browser.

All went well for the prince, until the ugly, wicked witch of the web, cast her eye on his Blogs and said; "Ha! Here's an idiot I can have some fun with!"

Well, I know a witch when I see one, believe me, I've had two Mothers-in-law! The third one is OK, she lives in Thailand, and I haven't met her!

Now, back to reality...

Many, many times, I have had to scratch my balding pate, trying to figure out why! Why? These Blogs are jinxed, or something! Periodic plunging of my Profile - and Sidebar - in general!

The first thing I did, (which, in reality, was about the hundredth), was to contact a ... FRIEND !

Chuck put me onto a Website, called Webcredible, and an article called "Internet Explorer and CSS issues". Once I read that article, thought about it, and applied some basic 'nous', I managed to fix the problem on one of my Blogs. I edited ALL my posts, reduced the size of photos and text - and Bingo! Dropping sidebar problem - eradicated!

N.B. - Bear this in mind: - Sometimes it isn't the photos, but the sidebar content itself! Sometimes the AdSense ads may be too wide for your template sidebar, eg: Google Search in some templates. This will also cause Sidebar Drop.

Well, I had it licked on all. Not on ONE particular Blog. Why? Why? Why? So, I went back and re-read the article on Browsers etc - DOHH!

It said quite clearly that Browsers have differing qualities when it comes to width. Problem solved.

I changed to Firefox, which is slightly wider, and haven't looked back - especially, with Google Search option in the sidebar! That is, until today, when I once again used Internet Explorer to view a Blog. The sidebar had dropped to the bottom! But, now knowing what to look for, I fixed it in a jiffy!

Case solved, and the wicked witch of the web can go back into her little cave in the deep, dark, recesses of my computer - hopefully, forever!


Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Browser Bungles

I spent a lot of time on my Blogs, today. A little tidy-up here, a new Text-Page Element there, a photo somewhere else. I was having a very industrious and constructive time. Then I had a thought: "How does this look to someone with the Internet Explorer Browser?"

Guess, what? My Blogs looked crappy! Bloody Internet Explorer, with it's narrower allowances, made everyone of my sidebars drop, lines wrap where there should not have been wraps, and fancy Type-Styles disappear. Little photos don't appear - only boxes with red-crosses in them!

If you look at this Blog through Firefox, you see it as I want it. If you use Internet Explorer (and I have IE6), then you won't see the lovely
'Old English' style print in my Text-Page Element. I worked for hours to get it back - nearly right in both Browsers - only to think to myself - WHY?

I am doing TWICE the work here, so someone with a second-rate Browser can view my Blogs. I do this for nothing - I am not making any money out of Blogging ! I never hope to make money. So, why do I care about people with antiquated Browsers? I don't know, either. But, when you consider that over 80% of the world's computer owners, use Internet Explorer, and many of them could visit MY blog, I better make it right!

But, you have to, so grin and bear it. Do the extra work. Everyone has a choice. IE or Firefox, or whatever. "Vive le différence!"

Thank goodness for Firefox!