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Saturday, 30 December 2006

How to move around a Blog!

In the parlance of bloggers, when we talk about moving around a blog, we say, navigate. So, bear with me, as I will use that term from now on.

If you are unfamiliar with blogs, and someone has sent you an address (URL) for their Blog, don't panic. There's usually nothing you can do to upset-the-apple-cart. There's nothing you can do to wreck the blog. So, relax.

The blog URL (Uniform Resource Locator), usually looks similar to this:

It will be in lower-case letters and/or numbers. Click on it! Sometimes, you may have to copy that URL into your Browser's address bar and click <Enter>

When the computer navigates to that address, the blog will appear. These blogs are scrollable, so, you can use the scroll-bar at the side to go up and down, or you can navigate around the blog by using the 'links'.

Links are special highlighted connections to either, other sites within the same blog, or another site/Blog, where the author of the Blog wishes you to see extra information. These links normally look like an ordinary word, or phrase, which has a (URL) embedded in it - making the words a different colour. If you point at it, or hover your mouse over it, the character of those letters will change, sometimes with an under-lining, indicating that they provide a link somewhere.

Not all text of a different colour is a link, either. Some authors, like yours truly, use colour for stress. The coloured text may also be a 'pop-up' information, or 'mouse-over'. Confusing? Yes, I know. There are only TWO active links on this post-page. See if you can find them.

OK. So, you've navigated to the Main Page or a pre-selected page of someone's blog. This will depend on what the URL has suggested. Normally, the NEWEST posts on that Blog, will be where we call, 'at-the-top'. Most MAIN PAGESwill have a certain amount of Posts on them. Sometimes it may be as little as one. Scroll down while reading, to the end of that article/post and then, the next older post should appear.

If you navigated to a specific post, then click on the HEADER of the blog, to go to the MAIN PAGE. sometimes, as with Roberto's Blogs, I have included a little TOP at the end of each of my Posts. If you click on this, then you will be brought back to the STARTof the post.

In the body of the Blog, the main posts are displayed. These are what attracts most people to a Blog. There is also a Sidebar, or columns to the side of the Main part, with additional functions. These may be ADVERTISEMENTS, a lists of LINKS, an INDEX, or ARCHIVES, or STATISTICS, or whatever. Generally, you can click on these as well. To come back to the Blog page you just navigated away from, click the green arrow in the top left-hand corner of your screen, once, or twice, etc, or click where the screen you are on says to.

With Sidebar LINKS, such as my Hidden-Linkslists, click on one of the Boxes, and the list will appear. Click on one of those listed links to navigate to it. Then click on the little HOME icon at the bottom of the page, or the title of the Blog, or, the green arrow, to navigate back.

If you see a photograph on a blog, sometimes you can click on it to make it larger. You will be taken to a separate screen for this purpose. Click return, or close that window, to navigate back.

You can also send an email copy of this particular Post-page by clicking on the little 'envelope' at the bottom of this page. You can also find more Posts on a particular topic, by clicking on the labels menus in the Sidebar.

Sometimes, a blog will let you leave a comment - by clicking on that option below. Most times, you would have to be the 'owner' of a blog, or a Registered Account holder, before you can do that, because of the threat of Spam. A lot of Blogs have Guestbooks which you can leave your comments in, as well. It largely depends on the choices of the owner.

So, navigating around blogs is relatively easy, when you have some experience. Give it a go. Don't be frightened. You can't do any damage by looking.

You may be logged ON - to see my blog, but not logged IN - to my blog.


Monday, 25 December 2006

Next Blog - get rid of it!

Just for a quick look, something to do, I clicked NEXT BLOG on my NavBar...
Talk about a shock! What a good reason to ditch it, or Block it! I'm not a prude, but give me a break. I don't need that!

I got taken to a Blog, which had a title, Piss Off - and, the blogger had no Navbar to take me further, either. One click - one blog - one lousy, rude, blog. Now, one seriously anti-Next Blog Blogger - Bob!

I received a comment from another Blogger the other day about this very problem - which I agree with wholeheartedly. Ironically, it was on an article I wrote about removing the Navbar, which I do NOT agree with.

Blogger -

- You really do have to get rid of the NEXT BLOG feature from our Navbar!
... as though I could do it, with the wave of my wizard's wand?


Saturday, 23 December 2006

Blogger ! You are joking!

I really can't believe what I have just read, today. One fellow blogger, has been waiting over 16 hours for his Blog - with 2000+ posts on it, to be Migrated.

When you click on the URL concerned, you get this...

This is another prime example of the need to kick Blogger. Bloody Blogger people are having LEAVE? HOLIDAYS? - For FIVE DAYS? You're JOKING, JORDAN! You are the only person who helps. Buzzer is learning to be of assistance, too, and I thank her, him, too. BUT, aren't there too many problems at the moment, on the coal-face? Just how long do people have to wait? How long does Migrating a Blog take? Where IS the communication improvement you promised all those months (Fri. Oct. 13th) ago?

I quote...
Thanks for your thoughts, Chuck. Communication is something we know is important and are working to increase.

What about all the people who will not be having a good, blogging Christmas? How the hell, can you take a break? I could imagine all the troops in Iraq saying; - 'Oh, well, General, it's been a busy year, so we are having a break! Tell Bushy, will you? Back in five (5) days'.

I hope all your friends, who have Migration problems, don't lob around to your house, and chop down your Chrissy-Tree!


Thursday, 21 December 2006

Making Your Own Profile

If you are unhappy with a Blogger Profile, or want a separate Profile for each blog you have, you can make one of your own! It's easy.

As I have done here, just create your page, back-date it in Post Options to a previous date, so that the post page will not show on your main page, and add the details you wish. If you don't want it like that, copy the html to a html/javascript gadget. Copying the html to a gadget, is probably the best way to achieve what you want, but it is good to have choice.

This is a link to my real Blogger Profile < Click here > - for comparison, and below is one I just made up, which I could use. All I would have to do is add the blog post URL for the post, to a Text gadget, and position it in my blog sidebar (see sidebar). (All the links have been copied from my real Profile).

Self-made Profile


My Web Page


About Me

I've been (fully) retired since 2000. I've travelled a fair bit, and lived for a while in Bali, and 6 years in Thailand. I like cooking, reading, blogging, watching sports on TV, and playing my guitars. I love my family times.


Favorite Movies

Favorite Music

Favorite Books

My Blogs

Team Members

Roberto's Blogs Dot Net
the Report Chuck Chuck


Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Excuses, Reasons and Descriptions

There are some beauties ...

  • I accidentally tried to edit the template!
  • My problem is easy to fix (I hope)
  • Help! Blog Went Haywire.
  • Recovering an accidentally deleted a blog. Blogger employee, please help!
  • Can't remember username, URL, or e-mail ...
  • Help - Deleted Blog?
  • How to complain to Google for breach of copyright in Blogger?
  • I'm new. What do I do?
  • Locked myself out and lost the key.

Thank goodness for someone who knows how to correctly address their problem...

  • I really don't have a clue as to what I am doing, but...

Don't forget to look at Blogger Help - first!


Tuesday, 19 December 2006

A Work-around... a.k.a. 'Run-around'.

If you want to go to Sydney, Australia, (no, it's not in Europe, as many people think - that's Austria!), you can go via London. If London is full of fog, you might try Honolulu. But, then again, maybe Seoul, and then straight down South to...

Typical? I think so. How many work-arounds will Blogger come up with for Comments? They have been giving excuses, and work-arounds, for longer than I have been aware of Blogger - six months. When they first borked my oldest blog, Roberto's Retreat, back in August, or so, they were having problems with Comments.

HAS ANYTHING REALLY CHANGED? Despite all the assurances of Gatsby, and the likes of Buzzer and Jordan? I don't think so.

Just imagine the fun Bloggers are going to have in a week, or so, with the Christmas push for Migration! I believe Chuck has hit the nail on the head, too, with his understanding of the situation. Be prepared to wait for a little while. Don't be in a hurry to Migrate your account at this time.


Friday, 15 December 2006

A Question of Privacy.

There are two sections of a Blog Profile, which have the word REQUIRED next to them:-

  • Username
  • Display Name

Only the Display Name will be published.

Your Username (an email address) will appear on YOUR screen, or, on your NavBar, because YOU are logged-in. This tells you which Log-in name you are using - NO-ONE ELSE CAN SEE IT!

There is a check-box (above image) which asks you; Show My Email Address? - Leave it blank!

The Display Name is what you want it to be. It's what goes on each of your Posts! It's changeable, too! You do not have to put your REAL name on this section. You have a choice! There are check-boxes next to most entries on the Profile Page. You choose!

Entries with nothing next to them, as per First Name, Last Name, are NOT REQUIRED. Leave them blank if you want to!

You do not have to have a Profile, either, but you have to have a Display Name and Username.

Only the Display Name will be made public!

Personal Privacy and Security is of paramount importance to Blogger, so READ the information!


Monday, 4 December 2006

What is the 'Flag Blog' Button?

I think we are all aware, that the 'Flag Blog' button, has been re-installed on the NavBar of Blogger-Beta Blogs. This, then, begs a couple of million questions. Well, at least a half-a-dozen, or so.

What is the 'Flag Blog' button?

The Flag Blog button is a way for viewers to let Blogger know, if they find anything about the content of a Blog, to be either offensive, objectionable, vulgar, spam, or, generally, in breach of the Terms of Service. Under section four (4) of the Terms of Service, entitled, 'Member Conduct', you can read all the things you agree NOT to do, with, or on, your Blog.

What is it's purpose?

This button allows readers to warn Blogger, so that, other readers may not be offended. As Blogger has millions of customers, it is impossible to oversee, or observe, the content of each one. So, it relies on readers, such as you, to alert them. Of course, if you make a mistake, or change your mind, you can un-flag a Blog by re-clicking on the same Button. This begs a question, too. If there is a possibility that you may change your mind, why 'Flag' the Blog in the first place. Remember, it could happen to you! As Blogger itself says; "One person's vulgarity is another person's poetry"!

What happens if my Blog is Flagged by some angry person?

Well, the 'system' prevents a person's Blog from being 'unlisted' just because of the actions of 'an angry mob', or, one upset reader. Blogger will monitor the amount of 'Flag' calls, or seriousness of the situation, and use that information to assess what action is required. Some people tell me that, if you don't upset someone, you are not doing a good job. Well, dubious as that may be, I would not like to offend anyone, so I try my hardest. Other people may not be as courteous or thoughtful of others, as you or me, so, do not temper their content. If you find it offensive - 'Flag it!'. Remember, if it is offensive to you, it may be a child who sees it next!

Who can 'Flag' my Blog?

Anyone who reads the Blog has the right to 'Flag' it as objectionable. Of course, Blogger placed it right next to the 'Next Blog' button, so it may be easy to click the wrong one, and 'Flag' someone's Blog unintentionally. Only Blogger could do that. If you accidentally 'Flag' your own Blog, just 'unflag' it again by clicking on the button again.

What happens to my Blog if it is Flagged?

As mentioned earlier, Blogger observes how many times a Blog is 'flagged', and then assesses what action to take. This 'action' may be anything from 'quashing' the 'flag', to 'unlisting' the Blog, to 'deletion' for more serious 'spamming' related abuse, or, illegal activities. See:, section nine (9) of the T.O.S - TERMINATION.

'Unlisting' a Blog means it will not be viewable, or promoted, on Blogger. It will only be accessible through the 'Web'. You will, no doubt, remember that section of the Settings - Basic menu, called Add your Blog to our Listings?. Well, in this case, you don't get the choice, Blogger does.

What's an example of 'objectionable' material?

Objectionable material can be anything from pornography, racism and bigotry, to political opinion. It may be an article on religion which incites a hatred of people practicing, or following, that religion. It may be the schematics for designing a bomb. One person's attitude is not the same as another's.

You have to maintain a certain level of awareness when you are blogging. Many people are under the mis-apprehension that they can write anything in their Blogs. Well, that maybe true, on a Private Blog, but, not on a Public one! So, be careful.

This could also relate to objectionable content in Comments posted to your Blog. Keep Comments Clean, by Moderating them.


Friday, 1 December 2006

Delete your Blog? No way, José

I find it difficult to imagine a situation, dire enough, to make someone want to delete their Blog - with all the information available these days, suggesting they do not! In fact, there's many, many bloggers - each week, looking for help, to restore a deleted blog!

Some people even delete their Google Accounts. Now, that's a definite no-no! Be careful. Your blogs are attached to your account!

Blogger doesn't have a way for Users to delete their own Blogger accounts fully, so follow these instructions. Also, as The Real Blogger Status has posted, be careful if you do delete a Blog account, as all associated Blogs with that account, will do "the Disso"!

If you really have your heart set on deleting your Blog, then see this article first.

The simplest way for me to put my suggestion is : DON'T DELETE YOUR BLOG! But, I know all situations are not as you would desire, and deletion, sometimes, may be necessary. So...

  • Remove all photos, personal details, and delete all the posts - easy.
  • Delete all the Personal Information on your Profile - easy.
  • Copy, and then Delete all your Links-Lists. Then...
  • Make a 'stub-post' ... saying something like, 'This Blog is a 'stub-blog' only', and publish it, as a message to any readers.
  • If all your information is removed, then there's no relation to you. Is there? But, by doing this 'stub-blog', you are depriving the bloody SPAMMERS of one less, established, Blog URL. Then just forget it. Maybe in a few years, you'll change your mind and want to start up again. If you have done a lot of work on that Blog, deleted it, and many people have the URL - thinking it's your Blog, it would not be nice for them to surf to it one day, and find PORN!
  • Last, but by no means least, after thinking and doing all the rest, if you have to delete a Blog, go to 'Settings' - Basic Screen. At the very top of that menu screen is a Delete option. Two clicks and it's gone! You can, however, Restore it if under 90 days since deletion. Maybe, you can after that, but it's up to chance - and Blogger!