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Sunday, 11 February 2007

Neo Counter

I have *Statcounter and Sitemeter counters on my blog. I don't know why I have them, exactly, as I am not interested in the amount of people who read my Blogs. I am interested in whether they enjoyed my blogs, and whether they got information from them, and that's what the 'Comments' department is about.

I am not earning money from ads, nor do I wish to. That may change in the future. So, for me, the amount of traffic is really, not an issue. Some people are concerned about it because they like to have volumes of people hitting their sites, to increase their Page Ranking etc. I have no problem with that. Go for it!

What I also like about the counters is, they tell you WHERE someone comes from. For instance, which country, or which city. That, I find interesting. I have a blog which I visit regularly, for peace of mind. I get lost in a wonderland of Nature, and really relax. That Blog is called The Garden at Crocker Croft.

The owner of the blog, Barbee, has a Neo Counter on her Main page. I think it's great - except, sometimes, like most times, it records me as visiting from HONG KONG - not THAILAND!

As Prof. Julius Sumner Miller was famous, inter alia, for always asking: "Why is it so?" I don't think it is a fault of Neo counter, so don't take me that way. I'd just like to know; 'WHY'. Maybe, Thailand Internet Traffic get's routed through Hong Kong? I think so. I know it goes through Korea, too, as we were off the 'air' for a long time during that bad earthquake.

(* = Preferred)


Friday, 2 February 2007

How to 'Flag' a Blog with no NavBar ?

I know many of the reasons, some Bloggers come up with, for not having a NavBar on their blogs. I don't necessarily agree with Next Blog, and I don't particularly like the Flag Blog button, but many people do, and there are purposes for each of them.

I believe that one of the reasons for NOT having a NavBar on your Blog, is so that your readers can't Flag Blog for objectionable content, therefore, giving a blogger a certain sense of security to post articles and content of any nature - albeit, a false sense.

But, there is a way to report Spam, or a Breach of the T.O.S. for, sect. 4, Member Conduct. I saw a question in Google Groups - Blogger Help Group - 'How Do I?' forum today, which basically asks: How to report a spam blog which doesn't have a NavBar?

The current answer is right in front of your nose, most of the time. Utilise the Search in Blogger Help. Since New Blogger, there is a How do I report Abuse directive.

Bloggers really are going to have to start utilising the Blogger Help - and helping themselves. Blogger Help Forum can be found at:- How to report a problem - which suggests ways to find out your answer, too.

There is also a Webmaster's site on Google for reporting Google Indexing Spammers:-