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Friday, 11 May 2007

Greener Pastures? - Pt. 1.

Well, like the hair shampoo advert suggests; - 'it won't happen over night, but it will happen'! It (Migration) did - eventually' - or something like that!

A quote from the Blogger Buzz...

"Old Blogger is dead! Long live Blogger! Today at Blogger HQ we accomplished one of our most significant milestones ever: we changed old Blogger’s monitoring from "page us when it goes down" to "page us if it comes back to life in a horrifying, zombie state."

Most of you probably haven’t noticed, since you’ve been happily (we hope) using new Blogger for several weeks, or months, now. But we’re excited to be done with it, since now we can focus 100% on the new Blogger and all we want to add to it.

While old Blogger totters off to realize its dream of getting to level 70 in the Burning Crusade, let’s take some time to remember what it took to replace the old Blogger with the new..."

It really sounds like a Dick Tracy bulletin, to me. 'Calling Dick Tracy! At Blogger HQ today...', but then again, they are young people! Ha Ha Ha. (Green with envy!)

(I also, wonder, how many days were spent playing 'Burning Crusade', instead of trying to fix the associated Blogger problems?) BTW (By the way) - In Thailand, you won't be able to see the YouTube video, listed above as horrifying, zombie state, because YouTube is banned - (maybe you could through a Proxy Server? Mmmn).

In what now seems like a lifetime ago, I alluded to, albeit irreverently, the migration of 'Old' to 'New' Blogger, as a Cattle drive - we bloggers being the cattle, the ranch-owner being Mr. B. Logger (starring John Wayne), in partnership with the Giggle Cattle Corporation, and the cowboys, and cowgirls, were played by the Blogger Technical Staff.

There were, initially, two different scenarios, which gave you a chance to see how it was going to pan-out. It didn't really matter which one you chose, because Migration had to be either:

1) Homogenous, or
2) Heterogenous.

The phased Pilot approach, or Heterogenous Migration, was most probably the way Mr. B. Logger actually ended up doing it - of course, we will never know. It is by far the most sensible way to get millions of cattle from one pasture to another - with limited resources, or with limited loss. You have to remember that Mr. B. Logger's fortune, and reputation, were wrapped up in his herd. He had copious quantities of calves, yards of weaners and yearlings, heaps and heaps of heifers, and bags and bags of bullocks. But his real dollars, his real worry, was his Stud Stock. He had to migrate this part of his herd with all due diligence, and care. So, naturally, he would test the migration with the 'cannon fodder' first.

So, any idea of an Homogenous Migration would be a waste of time. It would be Heterogenous all the way! So, that's why it has taken so long. The last 10% of the Pilot was very entailed. It had to be. This percentage contained all of the prized stock.

Well, it's all finished, now. Once again, Blogger Buzz says; ..."4 May 2007: Old Blogger physically dismantled - And that’s how it happened. Enjoy the Blogger! (Exciting times are ahead.)"

There's no going back to the old, comfortable mountain pastures any more. The great bulk of the cattle have been brought 'in'. This new ranch is finally finished. The old barn has been torn down. The new one is ready. The new pastures are lush and verdant. The new pens are all constructed, but still have some teething problems. There will be additional features introduced, as time goes by, such as new dipping-trenchs, and new cattle-crushers. The problems seem to be changing focus, or is it my impression? They do, don't they?

Any stray cattle, and, according to a friend of mine, there are many, will have to find their own way to the new ranch. Are there still some signs to show the way, other than Claim your old Blogger Account notice on the sign-on screen?

It'll be interesting to read other bloggers' interpretations of the success, or failure, of the Migration. It'll also be very interesting to see if the level of problem bX codes reduces in Google Groups.