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Saturday, 26 January 2008

Blocking access to NextBlog URL

While searching for some information in Blogger Help, I came across this item ...

Great! If I need to block access to NextBlog, I know what to do.

So, once again, interest aroused, I went looking. I always start looking in my mate Nitecruzr's The Real Blogger Status blog, or PChuck's Network<, for articles to solve any problems I might have - now, or in the future. I am not much of a surfer on the 'web, but, occasionally, I do, though I don't like to visit Porn sites, nor do I like surprises. I am lucky, in that I have no children who use the computer - unsupervised. When venturing onto the 'net, I nearly always use a Sandboxed Browser, or a Proxy Server, too. It's like a condom for my computer.

Anyway, sure enough, there it was - the article I wanted - Blocking the Navbar "NextBlog" link. About halfway down the page, I found what I was looking for - Blocking access to the NextBlog URL.

Now, PLEASE, read this article carefully! Chuck goes to great lengths to make you aware of the other side of the coin, when it comes to deletion of, or modification to, this Navbar feature. Blogger, also, has made its feelings known about the subject, but Blogger is also host to a large percentage of the problem!

N.B. We are talking about Blocking, not Removal.

If you are going to surf, or visit these sites, be warned! Read this post from Nitecruzr, first!


Saturday, 19 January 2008

LinkLists - Something to watch-out for.

The LinkLists on many of my blogs, are similarly styled to Ramani's Hackosphere Linklist, and I pay him due credit for his work, as I did previously with the Multistyled Labels.

As you would have noticed when viewing my Blogs, I use Cumulus Blogs - Hidden Linklists.

My mate, Chuck , did most of the work, as with Cumulus 'Topics' Labels, from an idea I had, to improve a little on Ramani's. They are also, probably, closely akin, in minor ways, to the Blogger Links Page Element Links.

For those who don't know how great these Linklists are, try them! Anyway, like with most things, if you don't input the material correctly, you get challenges. Tonight, I got one.

I was inputting URLs, with descriptions, into my Blog Index, and made the mistake of using "Quotation Marks".

Well, the Linklists don't like them! I know I did this some time ago, and had the same problem - the Linklists won't open, although you can still update etc. So, when the Linklists didn't open, I remembered. I changed it to apostrophe's, and the problem was solved.

A simple little mistake, but frustrating.


Thursday, 17 January 2008

Viewing Certificate

Today, when I logged on to my Blogs, I couldn't help noticing that the little clocks I use, from the wonderful people at, were not displaying on my main pages. None of them! Strange, I thought.

Says I; "What?" So, I navigated to timeanddate, but I kept getting this message on my browser screen: "The Connection was reset....etc and some other rubbish." Once again, "What?"

I didn't think much more about it. Then I thought I'd check a mate's Blog, whom I know to have the same clocks on his Blogs.I couldn't view his clocks, either! You guessed it, I said " Oh, my goodness! What is happening? Am I still asleep - and dreaming?"

Then, after a half an hour, or so, when signing-on to start checking my email, this following Viewing Certificate pop-up appeared.

Then, by chance - (not really, more like panic) - I sent a Messenger Chat to my friend, Chuck. He was duly concerned etc, and we checked out everything - including how to make time change in the Aleutians... well, not quite, but almost. He directing, and me following.

Then, again by chance, I got another pop-up, which I thought was the same one, but it wasn't. I forgot to do a Screen-Print of it, but it said something similar to the one above, except in the second paragraph, it had a date on it Saturday, 17th May, 2008. That is four months away!

When I looked at the computer time/date, sure'nuff it was set at 17th May 2008. I changed it back to today's date, and sheepishly informed my mate, that all was now OK. The clocks appeared back on my Blogs, and navigation became easy to both my Emails and to

Now, don't ask me how it happened - I don't know. Virgo's don't make mistakes! However, someone must have got in to my office, started my computer, and changed it on purpose. Bastard!

Just goes to show you, that there may be simple reasons for catastrophe! As my friend Chuck says; "Be aware when you are on your computer - and list down things, when they happen. What time? What were you doing when it happened? Which screen were you on? Have you seen it before? How often? Which Browser does it appear in?" etc etc etc.