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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Labels Choice

Not too long ago, Labels on a Blog, meant a ghastly spread of text - sometimes extending all the way down the sidebar.

Thank goodness for Ramani, from Hackosphere. Ramani developed a hack which contained, and presented, Labels in an attractive module. He called it Multi-style Labels. I added it to my blogs, at the time, and liked it. I realised, after a while, that it might be more useful to be able to HIDE the labels away, or contain them, so they didn't spread all the way down my sidebar.

I asked my friend, Chuck, from the Real Blogger Status blog, about this idea, and he worked on Ramani's code to add the hide feature. He ended up with a viable code, which I tested - and tested.

Me: "It's GREAT! It's exactly what I envisioned - and it WORKS! What about 'Cumulus' as a name?"
Chuck: "Cumulus 'Topics' sounds good."

The rest is, as they say, history. Once again though, with due deference to Ramani for his creation, and Chuck, for his improvements, I am posting about the Cumulus Topics - Hidden Labels - and also, Cumulus - Hidden LinkLists - which was a natural follow on.

LinkList module can be used in a variety of ways. I have used it as :-

  • A Labels LinkList
  • An Index LinkList - (Blogroll)
  • A Blogroll Linklist.

Chuck's hack gives the added HIDE functionality to this module, in addition to its ability to present the information in four (4) various ways - as per Ramani's design...

  • Hide away - after viewing, click on the HIDE box, and the List disappears.
  • List - style - an alphabetical list
  • Menu-style - a Drop-Down alphabetical menu
  • Zoom - style - where Topics/Labels with larger volumes of Posts, are larger, and bolder in text.

I thoroughly recommend them for ease and flexibility of use. For the 'codes', See:Cumulus Blogs


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