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Friday, 15 February 2008

Language Translator Option

Latest update : Mar. 2017 - This Language gadget is no more, a viable alternative to the Blogger gadget, seen in my Sidebar. Thanks to all who supported us.

As with most of you, my friend, Chuck, and me, Roberto, have friends, or acquaintances, in far-off lands, who do not use English as their main tongue. Even my ex-wife, being Thai, cannot make it entirely through one of my posts, without getting confused about the semantics of my language - meaning, grammar, spelling, or content, and having to clarify something. Then, I have to try to translate it for her. Thai is now available in my Sidebar Language Options.

I know these Translators have been around for 'ages', as I have seen them on other people's blogs. There appear to be many more languages than I have available, or at least, it seems that way.

The big difference with the Google Language Tool, is that it can translate your whole blog, not just words, or phrases, 'on the fly'. Chuck and I have knocked out some hours constructing this to a workable stage. Updating it is very easy.

This Cumulus in Your language gadget, utilises the Google Language Tool. There are, currently, only 50+, languages available, other than English, of which I have all on this Blog:-

  • Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Andorra/Catalan
  • Belarusian, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) Croatian, Czech
  • Danish, Nederlands (Dutch), English, Estonian, Finnish, French
  • Galician, German, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian
  • Icelandic, Indonesian/Bahasa, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Kenyan/Kishwahili, Korean
  • Latvian, Lithuanian, Malaysian/Bahasa Melayu, Maltese, Norwegian
  • Pilipinas/Tagalog, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish
  • Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Welsh, Yiddish
  • plus others

It provides an 'on-the fly' translation of the whole Blog, and is extremely easy to install, too. Open an html/Javascript Page Element, and save the code in it. Done.

The code is available for this Translator, from here, on the Report.

Each Language Flag/Code has a 'modular' appearance, and is easily added into the 'main' code, as more Languages become available.

Note: We have also created a series of blogs on our Cumulus range, which have Foreign Languages as the base.

As at August, 2010, there are Chinese (2), Italian, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguese, Arabic, French and Japanese - as well as English. So, if you have a blog in a foreign language such as these, you can provide easy translation for your readers!

I think it's great. It took me all of 20 minutes, to add it to all my Blogs (over 20). The hardest bit, and most tiring, was the accumulation of all the data - and the construction of the codes, based on Chuck's initial script for the Applet. Well, I suppose, as he calls me his apprentice, I have to do most of the work! Ha ha.

n.b. - Translator Bar doesn't work on a Private Blog!

Once you have it installed, click on any of the Flags and the blog will be translated for you. When you've finished, click the Back arrow in the top left-hand of your screen. The Language Translator will not translate multiple languages, at this time, so if you want to change languages, you have to navigate back to the 'mother ship' (blog), first, then choose another flag. Easy!

In this post, I have described some of the techniques of using the Translator.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Roberto (and Chuck), as this is language thing is great. I got the code from Chuck's blog and I can now give my readers translations, too.

I like your blog, Roberto, because it explains things in a not so technical way, which is often confusing to someone starting out as a Blogger. Thanks.

Roberto said...

Good 'onya, whoever you were. Thanks for the 'nice' comment. Thanks also, for sending me to the Settings Comments screen and fixing the 'Who can Comment' access.
But, anyway, it's good to receive good feedback. Thank you.
Good luck with your Blog.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese translations are really great and it is good for me to learn English, as it is possible to compare with English and Japanese. I do hope that I will be able to brush up my English. The desk which our computer set on, is my English Japanese dictionary and Japanese English one's reserved seat. I am thankful to the chance to touch English. Thank you so much.