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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Second aPpeal Against spaM-lock

If you are seeing one of these, it means your Blog is suspected of being a SPAM Blog. The Google Robot has, for some reason - false, or positive - picked your Blog. You have the right, naturally, to appeal. DO IT - straight away.

If that doesn't work, Blogger has released a new site for Bloggers, who have already appealed against being locked-out of their Blogs by the SPAM Robot... (I know what that's like!)

What a great idea, at last! But, there's a catch! This site is ONLY for those bloggers who have already written in asking for review of their Blogs!

Good one, Blogger!


Monday, 7 April 2008

My Domain Disappointment.

I am the first person to tell you that I am not a 'techie' - at least about computers, and I am always reticent about trying things until I have tried and tested them on my (private) research/testing blog. Then, and only then, do I write about them, so I suppose I am a 'little' technical.

My mate, and mentor, Chuck, might think differently, but I am yet to be convinced. So, after listening to his reasons why I should, I decided to have a go. BTW, there was nothing wrong in the instructions, either.

These are the steps I followed:

  • I created a fresh blog. Easy - and FREE - and I named it.
  • I then wrote out a list of potential Domain names, which I liked. It pays, because the name I chose earlier, as it was to turn out, was not available. My second choice was, ''
  • I then got a credit card ready, checked the funds were available (US$10) and then ...
  • Navigated to the Settings - Publishing screen of the new blog, and clicked on Switch to Custom Domain.
  • I then followed Chuck's steps - exactly as they were written.
I thought all was well, until I clicked on 'View Blog'. This is what I got...

Now, we are waiting, and wondering, about this 'Transition' phase. Transition seems to be 'normal', though neither Chuck, nor I, had been aware of it.

Apparently, this is a new Blogger thing. All domain hosts seem to have a Transition - some four, some five days! We can only wait, now, for the three days to expire. Is it 'limbo'? Like some blogs were during Migration?

I even got my Registration Confirmation email...

Nothing always goes smoothly, does it? Disappointing. To add a postscript, the Domain was fully workable after the three days wait, and I was able to transfer all my other Blogs to it, do aliases etc.

The secret? Follow Chuck's steps - step by step!


Get to know your Blog!

I had a mate, once, who decided he would buy a new motor cycle. I didn't ask questions at the time, as it wasn't my business what he did. The trouble was, as I found out later, he hadn't even been a pillion-passenger before, let alone ridden one ... and, naturally, did not have a licence, either. He bought a brand-new Norton Twin Roadster! Had it delivered. Smashed it up the first day - and nearly killed himself.

That reminds me a lot of many people who start blogging. They want to get a shiny, attractive, well-working blog - yet they have NO idea how to drive it, change it, modify it, or, what the parts are called. The example given in that link wanted to know how to find out what the Blog Template name was. Dear, oh dear. Did he ever take a look around his blog? Click on things?

They have NO licence, either... AND, it's NOT totally their fault! At least, not 100%. Blogger doesn't help, here. I alluded to that back in October, 2006

If you notice, when you create a blog, the first screen you see, after it has been created, is the post editor! You'd think that Blogger would link to the 'Settings' screens, or at least, have a 'Tour' of the blog. Nah. Too much to expect from techie-nerds. They think everyone can drive - just like the motorcycle salesmen? Or, don't care!

Get to know your Blogs. Look at them. Ask questions of them - and yourself. Check out the Help. Don't expect people (helpers) on the Google/Blogger Groups, to be constantly spoon-feeding you with answers to questions which should NEVER have been posted there. Grow up a little bit. Get your 'licence', first!