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Friday, 23 May 2008

The 403 Block

The dreaded 403 block - FORBIDDEN ACCESS. I got it yesterday.

It only hung around for a little while, but that was too long. OK, what to do?

Don't panic! That's the first thing.

These Blocks could be from a number of agencies - ISPs, Government, or whatever. For example, China might block Blogger. Thailand might block YouTube - hence Google/Blogger. There's normally a reason. In many cases, an ISP might have a problem with Blogger. Sometimes Blogger may come under attack from automated requests. They shut a lot of IPs down to check it all out, then bring them back up. Who knows?

There is normally, no indication of exactly what has happened - it just happens. In this case, I checked out as much as I could from my end.

I chatted to Nitecruzr and was reminded of PK Blogs. "Use a proxy", he said, "...but they only proxy Blog*Spot domains!"

I didn't need to, at the time, as I was off to bed, anyway, but I am, today. My blogs are clear, so it isn't as pressing a problem as it may have been, and is, for many people overseas, in countries where Governments instigate the blocks.

There are many Proxy Servers out there. Pick one, or two, and use them whenever 'surfing'. There are a number of benefits in doing so. All for YOU!

With a 403 block in place, you can't access your Blog*Spot blogs. You may be able to see your Dashboard, though.You can, however, with a (PKBlogs) Proxy Server.

Don't forget, however, 'surfing' and clicking on any 'links' is fraught with danger. Make sure you have your protection in place - and constantly updated.

see also: 403 Forbidden / DDoS


Thursday, 15 May 2008

Protect Your 'Admin' Rights

How many times do you see this on Google Groups?

"Help! I've been removed from my own blog!"

Removing YOURSELF from a Blog Admin role, can't be done, if - YOU - are the ONLY Admin. You can't remove yourself!

An Administrator can only be 'removed' from 'Team' blogs - if there are more than one Admin.

There are ways to alleviate this problem. Here's two:

  • If you were one of the Administrators on the Blog, contact one of the others to re-instate you.
  • Consider having two emails of your own, as Administrators. I do. My mate does.
  • Only invite people you TRUST (implicitly) to be co-Administrators of YOUR blog!

That way, if something happens to one of your emails, you still have another. If you delete yourself, you can fix it.

They're FREE!

This possible situation also demands that you can rely on, or trust, the other Admin(s) on the blog.


Fitting Images

I often see questions about Images not fitting into required spaces, or sidebars dropping.

It might be due time to remind yourselves that there are size limits on Browsers, although it is not a Browser problem.

You can't fit five gallons into a four gallon bucket!

This article,"Page Elements are narrower in Internet Explorer", was published in March of 2006. It is still current.

Always try re-sizing, first, before panicking. It is, after all, a blogger problem - not a Blogger problem!

See: - Preparing Images


Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Delete Your Blog? Stub it, instead!

Yes, I know why you are asking How do I?

Not knowing is a big problem, and it started the day you created your blog. Blogger directs you straight to the Post Editor - never to the Settings Screens - to learn about your blog. If they did, many questions, like this, wouldn't be asked - because you would know where to find your answers! You'd be familiar with some of your blog's functionality.

OK. So, you've absolutely had it with your Blog. You don't see any use for it, or it won't work the way you want it to, or, Blogger is useless, or, Google is useless, or, 'I can't find any help', - dah, dah, dah.

There are many reasons for wanting to kill your blog. Just remember this - DON'T DO IT!

The only people to benefit from you deleting your blog, are the Spammers.

An alternative is to make it into a Stub Blog. Clear all posts and personal information from it, leaving one new post, saying something like; "This is a Stub Blog". Then close it, and forget it. That way, you keep your good URL, your Google Ranking, and stop any Porn Spammer from 'shocking' your Grandma, and friends!

But, if you have really thought about it, really well, and no-one can really change your mind, go to the Settings - Basic screen...

That's it. Simple as looking-up delete blog in Blogger HELP Center.

Now, why didn't you think of that?

There's also another way of thinking - Export your blog to your computer - to a Folder file - as a 'copy', before you delete the blog. Many times I have seen change of mind by bloggers!

see: Restoring a Deleted Blog