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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Printing Your Blog

Originally posted on Nov. 17 2009.

Many bloggers will ask;

"How do I print a copy of my blog?", or,
"I'd like to make my blog into a book. How do I do that?"

There are a few ways, recommended, to achieve the desired result. You can print your blog to paper, or... make a book of your blog.

Since September, 2009, when Blogger joined-up with a company called SharedBook, and have called the project, Blog2Print, lots of bloggers who were not already using SharedBook, became aware of this facility.

The presentation looks very smart, professional, and versatile - and is cheap as chips at US$14.95 for 20 pages, softcover - or, US$24.95 for hardcover. Extra pages are .35 cents each. Shipping of your finished book is 'always FREE' - inside the USA, that is. International Postage rates apply elsewhere.

With Blog2Print, you choose what you want. Maybe, it's the ...

  • Cover
  • Images
  • Number and Order of Posts
  • Comments

You can edit your book, add, or remove, comments, and pictures. For more, see: - HERE



Gilli Wrightson said...

Thanks for your help Bob
I know about Blog2print Books I have made quite a few of them and they are improving every day. It's an excellent service and cheaper than Apple books, they are more sophisticated with better template options. What I am looking for though is how to print recipes that I put on my blog. It is basically a food blog. Trying to make it easier for my readers

zhuojing said...

Thank you also for introducing this cool way to print at the Blogger forum