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Sunday, 16 March 2008

Crossing Out Words in Text

Sometimes when writing posts for your Blog, you might like to strike-through (putting a line through a word), or some words, yet leave it, or them, in place - as though you made a mistake, but still wish to leave it there, for whatever reason.

eg: The quick brown horse jumped over the big fox jumped over the lazy dog.

How do you do that? Easy... using CSS 'style' code....

<span style="text-decoration: line-through;">horse jumped over the big </span>

There are many such examples of using CSS code at the w3 School. Even getting Words/Links to 'blinks' 'blink'.

Note: The 'blink' value is not supported in IE, Chrome, or Safari.

For a full CSS Reference Chart, see < HERE >.


Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Centering - using 'Style'

In January, 2007, I wrote a post about centering script, or image, using the tags... <center>.....</center>

While these tags will still (currently) work in most Browsers, the w3 Schools tutorial tells us that the code has been made obsolete - or 'deprecated'.

The new way to center your script, or images, is with style - CSS Style. As w3 Schools suggests, the old, or deprecated elements, may become unstable in Browsers, and Chuck from the Real Blogger Status blog, also suggests to use CSS Styles - and if he says it, "it's good enough for me..."

Instead of using the old style tags, use this style...

<span style="text-align:center;"> ... </span>

Don't be afraid to experiment with code in a post - it won't hurt you, or the blog! BUT - always, always, if you are tweaking your Template, make a back-up copy of it - before and after!