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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Statcounter - adding it to your Blog.

Many Bloggers report difficulty in adding the script for add-ons to their Blogs. One such problem issues from not adding the script into an html/Javascript gadget, but trying to add it to the Template! Oh, NO! WRONG!

For example, to add the script for a counter, in this case, Statcounter, you'd insert the script into an html/Javascript gadget, obtained by clicking Layouts, or Customise options.

Insert the code... (copy and paste)

Click Save and then all you do is position the gadget where you want it - in the Sidebar, for example.



Monday, 23 June 2008

Why is it so?

When I was a kid, and Television came to Australia, I remember a program dedicated to science. It was compered by Prof. Julius Sumner Miller, a Physicist, from the USA, and it was called, "Why is it so?". It was due to this program, that I scraped-through my science class, I'm sure. Miller engendered the interest in me.

I'll bet, though, that the aging Prof. couldn't answer his famous question, if it related to blogging!

Why is it so, that when some bloggers have a problem, they want to delete their blogs, and start again? Or, think they have to change the blog's HTML, because something doesn't look right? Would they sell a house, and buy a new one - just because the kitchen was red?

Don't throw the cake-mix away and start again because you put the choco chips in the mixture, instead of the cherries and raisins, or because you poured it into a flan tin, instead of a loaf tin, or whatever! No big problems.

Nothing could be more stupid. It's similar to

  • I accidentally deleted my blog. - How can you do it, accidentally?
  • Or, maybe, I added a Blog but I can't remember the Username and Password. - Well, you should have written them down! I do. Everyone I know, and respect in this 'game', does write them down. It's not as though they are Credit Card passwords, or Bank PINs! Sheesh!

There are a million reasons why problems occur. None of them - NONE of them, require deleting the Blog. Only some would require looking at the Template HTML - and NEVER without making a back-up copy of it, first!

Nitecruzr, in his post, Asking for Help suggests ...

  • Track down what you were doing when the problem occurred. Analyse the problem! Think!
  • Is it really a problem? Was it just you not knowing what to do?
  • Did you input the information correctly? Is it in the right place?
  • Sidebar drop. Did you exceed the width of the page section, or sidebar?
  • Is the photo just too large? Reduce it, or compress it.
  • Have you tried to find the answer in Blogger Help?
  • Maybe, in Blogger Help Group? Or, ...
  • Known Issues?

There are millions of reasons - and squillions of answers, too. But problem-solving NEVER requires deleting your Blog, that I know of.


Saturday, 14 June 2008

Counter Intelligence

Often times, I see a question thread in Google/Blogger Help Groups, asking how to track Visitors to a Blog - or, should I say, 'counting' the amount of visitors to a Blog.

There are a few good ways to do this, and they begin with you deciding exactly what you want to achieve, what you want to get, as a result, etc.

Blog Counters are listed in their hundreds (or, at least it seems like that), on Google.

Some, of note, are:

Look at each one, see their various features, measure-up how they meet your needs, and then choose.

Adding them to your Blog is as simple as can be, in most cases, and they even give you a choice of what the end result - a chiclet, will look like. For instance, with Statcounter, and I'm not singling out this one, you can have a chiclet showing just a number, or a coloured number on a coloured background. You can have a designed 'button' with numbers. etc etc. The choice is huge! You can even start the meter at a pre-selected number, to allow for visitors you have missed while looking! Neo-Counter is another popular one, too!

... but I'll try again, maybe tomorrow. These hiccoughs occur from time to time.

Just in case you want a counter to track an IP, they do, but they don't, if you get my drift.

So, have a good look around. There's many to choose from - and the basic models are all FREE!


Monday, 9 June 2008

CAPTCHAS: Are we winning?

Are we, as humans, still winning the race? The fight against the Spamming Machines?

Every web surfer, has been forced to stop and perform this weird little task: look at a picture of some wavy, ghostly, distorted letters and type them into a box. By correctly transcribing it, you have proved, to the computer, that you are a human being.

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Sunday, 8 June 2008

A Reason for Layered Security

In this day and age, a Layered Security defence is all important.

A ScanSafe * study found 68 percent of all internet-based malware was now being hosted on legitimate sites.

"The compromise techniques being used now allow hackers to quickly 'colonise' thousands of legitimate sites, from big brand-name sites, to smaller but equally legitimate sites,"

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* ScanSafe is the World's Leading Provider of Web Security-as-a-Service