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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Photo Storage - Where do I find my limit ?

According to this Blogger Help article, images / photos, which are used in Blogger, are stored in Picasa Web Albums.

Videos uploaded through Blogger, are hosted on Google Video, and I am not aware of storage limits for it.

The storage usage and limit (5.0 Gbs FREE), are displayed on bottom of the Picasa Web home page, on the Google Accounts - Basic Storage Usage screen, and on the lower part of the Upload Image icon wizard

You can avoid unnecessary usage of your usage limit by compressing and/or reducing the size of images uploaded to Blogger.

How does storage work? see < HERE >

How do I purchase extra storage? see the new < Google Drive >


Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Bloggers! Learn about your blogs!

When is the penny going to drop for many bloggers? You have to learn about your blogs!

How many times are we going to see this sort of inane question in the Help Forum ...

I call it inane, because, firstly, it shouldn't be there, and secondly, it shows that the blogger has NEVER looked around her blog to see what's what! She is not trying to learn.

How can anyone learn to blog and not start by learning the parts of their own blog? A prime example is the -

SETTINGS screens!

I've written about this subject, before, too, and am constantly amazed. Is it so much easier to ask, than look and learn?

Everyday, I see bloggers asking questions which they wouldn't, if they did some basic research - even going to the Help Topics.

Questions like;

  • How do I get my blog nominated for 'Blogs of Note'?
  • How do I fix the time on my Blog?
  • How do I email a copy of my posts?
  • How do I set the time on my blog?
  • What is the URL of my blog?
  • Can I change the URL?
  • Where, and how do I edit a post?
  • ... and hundreds more.

Give me a break, please!

Blogger, itself, is largely to blame for this ignorance, too. When someone new comes to Blogger, creates a Blog, they go through some screens, then they are plonked straight onto the Post Editor, to start blogging. Why?


Thursday, 11 June 2009

Testing Zemanta

Zemanta Firefox plugin

Image by Tom Raftery via Flickr

I make it a rule to Follow blogs which can assist me to learn more. There are a number of them which I have written about, linked to in posts, and refer to in general.

Blogger Buzz is one of them.

Today, my Google Reader popped-up and told me Rick Klau had published a post on a new Blog Improvement, called Zemanta. As a plug-in for either (mainly) Firefox, (or Internet Explorer, although it may not go too well with IE as it is for Browsers with Extension Infrastructure, I believe), this gives options I think are well overdue.

Linking, photos, related information - all at the touch of the keypad. Seems good, looks great, and it's FREE. I'm trying it out. Maybe, I'll write it up if and when I can. So far, so good!

p.s. (I decided not to use it on my sites. I do not have a degree in Law - required to understand all their mumbo-jumbo pre-download agreement).

I must admit though, the possibilities of good in-links was attractive - but, no, I think I'm OK as I am, thanks.