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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Blogger - Email Notification

Under the guise of a birthday treat, Blogger has released another feature, or as they label it, ... the latest and greatest. It's called Email Notification.

The emails, I presume, will be sent to your Username ID Email address.

You may, or may not, have noticed the notification of this notification feature at the top of your Dashboard, when you signed on recently. Just click on it, where it says Enable now, and you're connected.

Sounds OK to me, as I am always wondering what Blogger is up to, and now, I will be informed.

As to exactly what I will be constantly informed about, will be interesting, too. Time will tell.

Once you Enable the feature, you can opt out of notifications, with the click of your mouse. Simply un-check the Feature announcements box, Save, and " won't hear another word from us".

p.s. - In 18 months, since I wrote this post - I have received '0' email notifications! Can't complain, I suppose?


Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Follower - How to stop!

Since the Blogger feature, Follower, began, and I have been using it, and, there have been a few changes to the way it operates. Slight changes though they may be, they are changes all the same. Keeping up to date with Blogger is a full-time exercise.

If you wish to stop Following a blog, which you are no longer enjoying, the easy to follow steps are, well, as follows - (I have got to get a real job!)

Also, remember, you have to be logged-in as the 'Admin' of the blog - AND - Follower gadget!

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Step 4.

Lastly, as Follower automatically creates a feed in your Google Reader, you'll also need to delete the feed there, as well. Go to your Reader, click on Manage Subscriptions, and click the little trash can next to the blog in question. Invariably, I've found, this step will be the only one you'll have to take.


Monday, 7 September 2009

Import / Export - as a tool


Recently, the penny dropped for me on how the Import/Export feature (now on Production Blogger) can be of greater service to me - and you!

Many bloggers have been caught by the Google Spam Robot because they have either published too many posts (more than 49) in a 24 hrs period (still not stated as the 'real' limit, by Blogger), or for some other unknown reason.

My friend, Chuck, has suggested some causes for the Robot Captcha, in his post, Posting At High Rates Results in Restrictions. I followed that post with one of my own, suggesting that, by using Blogger's Import/Export feature, you could avoid the Spam Captcha, as well.

Let's look at it.

By the sheer reasoning behind Import/Export, it would suggest that volumes of posts can be moved from one, or more, sources, to another. Correct? Yes. I can't think of a reason why Blogger would allow Imports to be subject to the Spam Robot, and Word Captcha. Can you?

With Import/Export, a blogger can move as many posts as he/she wishes - the only problem is that you can't pick and Import the individual posts from one, or more, blogs - you have to Export an XML file of the entire blog's posts, and then Import that XML file to where you want it. Then, you have to either publish the whole lot when you Import the file, or Import the file then select which posts to Publish! With me so far? Let's look at a scenario ...

I have, say, three blogs, which I have posts on, I want to copy to a new blog. I can either;

  • Manually copy those posts individually (highlight, copy, paste) - slow, and fraught with risk of being thought of as SPAMMING.
  • Export/Import an XML file from each of the blogs, then either publish all, or select and publish. The latter would be my choice.

The other day, I Exported XML files from two blogs I have, and Imported those XML files to a new blog I am constructing. Out of 150+ posts in total, I only wanted 100, so I manually selected and published the posts I wanted, then deleted the rest. If I had chosen to do it via option one, above, I would have invoked the displeasure (I'm sure) of the Spam Robot, and subsequently been hassled by the Captcha, and had to prove my innocence - in Blogger's eyes, and own response time.

Of course, not many bloggers, like me, would be wanting to move that many posts around their account, either, but if they do, this would be the way to do it, I am sure. You can Import/Export XML files from as many blogs as you wish, too. No restrictions there.


High Volume Posting and the Robot

It is, generally, not very long before, Chuck, a.k.a Nitecruzr, writes up a post on a technical aspect of blogging, which will assist ALL of us - thank goodness, because without bloggers with his experience and knowledge, writing posts on how to do something, or something to watch out for, or if this happens..., I'm sure that blogging would be 'in the pits', so to speak.

Chuck has just posted this article, which is close to my heart. Why is it close to my heart? Well, a long time ago, before Blogger in Draft, I got caught by the Google Robot, for copying posts, en masse, from one of my blogs, to another. Chuck suggests that the actual volume of posts in, say a 24 hrs period, is 'unstated', and it is just that - unstated, by Google/Blogger, though, I believe the number is between forty-nine (49) and fifty-one (51) in a 24 hrs period.

Now, thanks to Chuck, we know there are a few ways to avoid the Captcha imposition. I think I have found another. It's called Importing / Exporting.

A short while ago, I imported 100, or so, posts from a couple of blogs, to another and did NOT suffer from the Captcha! Although the blog I imported the posts to is currently Private, and soon will be made Public, I do NOT believe Blogger will impose the Captcha penalty on a blog that uses the Import / Export feature. Why would they?

Keep it in mind.


Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Finding Other Blogs

How do I find other blogs, which may be of interest to me, or that I may wish to subscribe to, or Follow ?

I see this sort of situation, regularly, in the Blogger Help Group - and some ask - so regularly, in fact, that I don't answer them anymore (time for the proposer of the question thread to do some searching for themselves)! Ever heard of Blogger Help?

Finding other blogs is easy - the hard bit is that there is NO easy way to find exactly what you want! You have to crack each egg to see what's in it! You have to visit each blog to check-it-out! You might like Michael Jackson - others might too, but the Michael Jackson they like, is the plumber next door, not the singer!

Let me explain...

Firstly, no-one else knows exactly what you want, or like to read - except you! So, update your blog Profile, as I discuss in my post, Use Your Profile. Now that this feature is working again, you can search for blogs which have indicated a similar interest to those you added to your profile.

Secondly, don't forget to click on someone else's blog profile. If that person is a keen 'Follower', you can bet they'll have a fair few blogs which they are Following, listed at the bottom of their profile. Click on some of these to see what they are like - you may wish to subscribe to, or Follow them, too. I check out all profiles of blogs I see, to find blogs that I would like to read and/or Follow.

Thirdly, there are a few sites which list blogs, or search blogs. I don't often use these, as I don't have the time, however, they are great resources to be aware of:

Remember, you still have to look at each blog to assess it - and with Recently Updated Blogs, you might be doing a Forrest Gump - you never know what you'll get in a box of chocolates! It could be porn.