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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Translate a French Blog - to...

Ladies and Gentlemen! Attention, please! -

Mesdames et Messieurs! Attention, s'il vous plaît!

Can you read, and perhaps, speak French? -

Pouvez-vous lire, et peut-être, de parler français?

If you come across a blog, which is written in French, do you just look at the pictures, then go? Do you try to translate phrases, one at a time, in Google Translator? Or, do you wish you could just click on a button, and translate the whole blog, to your language of choice - all at once?

Many of you know that my friend, Chuck, a.k.a. Nitecruzr, and me, Roberto, a.k.a. Grumpy1, have been burnin' the candle at both ends, over the last year, or so, with our efforts to get our Translator Tool up and running, and doing more languages (now 54). Well, together with that, we have done some extra testing, and believe we have a viable alternative to the en|?? - that's English to one of 50-odd other languages. We've also added some fancy-bits - like a border around each flag!

We created some new blogs, under our Cumulus (Blogs) heading, for testing, as well as Publishing. The codes will be presented as available, and French can be found... < HERE >

So, if you have a blog, written in French, try the code, in a Blogger html/javascript gadget, and give your Readers a chance to translate your writings. They'll appreciate it, I'm sure. That will help to reduce any bounce-rate, too. You can see the working model on the Cumulus-FR blog (linked above), or the English to ... model, on any of our blogs.

Latest update : Mar. 2017 - This Language gadget is no more, a viable alternative to the Blogger gadget, seen in my Sidebar. Thanks to all who supported us.


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