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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Foreign Language Blog Translators

Latest update : Mar. 2017 - This Language gadget is no more, a viable alternative to the Blogger gadget, seen in my Sidebar. Thanks to all who supported us.

Most of my readers will appreciate the efforts that Chuck (Nitecruzr), and I, have put in with our Language Bar Translator.

We now have eight language-code sets, other than English, available for you.

The Applet, and these codes, (and there's around 55 of them), will translate your whole blog, rather than just a page, or phrase. You can see the working example on any of my Roberto's Blogs, or Nitecruzr's blogs. Test it. If you speak and read a language, other than English, you can translate my blogs for your convenience.
More importantly, YOUR readers could translate YOUR blog, if you add the gadget!

If you have a blog, which is written in a language other than English, we have a limited amount of good news for you. Chuck and I have a range of blogs called Cumulus - the name was created when we developed our Cumulus Topics (Hidden Labels) gadget, and also our Cumulus Link Lists (Hidden BlogRoll).

We've recently opened eleven (11) new blogs with the Cumulus name, to reflect the first ten Foreign Language Translator codes, which I compiled, plus one for English.

They are:

As mentioned previously, we have compiled 55 language codes, which can be applied to a simple html/javascript gadget, to be displayed on your blog. All these languages were compiled from interfaces developed by Google, on their Language Tools site.

As soon as other languages become available, I will add the codes and post an update on the Report - (this) blog. Then, to update your Language Bar, it is as simple as copying the additional code and adding it to your gadget - copy, position, and paste!

So, if you have a large 'bounce-rate' showing in your site visitor statistics, it may be because those visitors can't read your foreign language blog!

If you have interesting content and the reader can translate it, then they'll tend to stay and read! Think about it!

see: Update Dec.2009
see also: Translator Options
and, also: Nitecruzr dot net, et al



LegitMoney said...

saya sangat suka dengan traslate ini dan merasa terbantu..
para blogger seluruhnya pasti setuju bahwa ini sangat berguna bagi semua

Roberto said...

Terima kasih, teman. Saya senang juga!