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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Importing / Exporting blog content

It's hard to believe that it is now, twelve months, since Blogger announced its Import / Export feature, in Blogger Buzz.

It's one year, roughly, since Google announced, on its Open Source site, that it now has the code which can execute conversions - in other words, Import XML files from other platforms - namely, at the time, LiveJournal, MovableType and Wordpress.

I've written an overview about Importing and Exporting on this blog. The Nitecruzr has written it up, as well, on his blog.

Many times, I have seen bloggers commenting that they have met with great success, as well, and that they now have their posts safely backed-up on their computers. This will help alleviate the possible problem of lost posts.

So, after all that has been said, why is it that so many bloggers are having problems, and challenges, with moving their blogs, or even just the XML files, from one platform, to another? I can only guess.

Google provides an extensive Issues List, from bloggers, which may mention your problem - and discussions, which may lead to a resolution.

Always search on Blogger Help Forum for question threads of reported problems.

Look at what other bloggers report. This blog, Embracing Chaos, reports troubles importing his FULL blog. Was it too large, at 1.03 Mbs? Well, as this next image shows, there is a text limit of under 1.0Mb for XML files imported from Wordpress. However, as far as Blogger blogs, and XML files, are concerned, my blog, the Report, has an XML file which, currently, is 2.27 Mbs, and I see no problems with it's content. So, the size may be a problem, too!

I feel that, as this feature is a two-way street, between Blogger and the other platforms, there are still some set-up challenges, which haven't been addressed, by such as Wordpress, et al. Those platforms have to pull their weight, too, and get their processes ready.

There are also some challenges rising from reporting problems accurately and succinctly. Many bloggers don't have the understanding of the technical aspects to describe them, either, which is perfectly normal.

One particular challenge is when the report of a problem comes into the Forum, and cannot be duplicated by Blogger technicians. I was mentioning this to a friend, and it is not as silly as it sounds...

"... I am certain that a lot of the Import/Export problems involve the individual client computer. The problem is, that we don't see enough reports to even start to guess what causes the problems. That stymies Blogger, too!"

So, if you have a problem, report it, as well as you can, even if you think it is of little consequence.

And, if you're not sure how to ask for help, here's how!


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