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Friday, 18 December 2009

Label-specific Site Feed

Adding a Label-specific Site Feed couldn't be easier.

The Label-feed URL looks like this:

* Labelnames are case-sensitive, too!
* Make sure you include the hyphen (-), too!

The above example is NOT a typo!

*Note: You have to substitute the correct blog name in the above URL !

One other thing you have to watch-out for is whether, or not, the actual blog label is written with an Uppercase, or lowercase initial letter. In other words, if the blog label starts with a Capital, then your Feed URL has to include that. eg: Label, or label

Then, you add the Site-Feed URL to a Blogger Feed gadget, from your Layouts screen, and the Feed will look like this one I did for the Roberto's Report label, Language:

You can do this for any label appearing on any blog - as long as the owner of the blog has enabled the basic Site Feeds for that blog's posts, and that label is apparent.

For more info: < HERE >

See also: Feed URLs - What is mine?

and: Comments-only Site Feed

and: Roberto's Report Newsfeeds

Happy Blogging!



Julia from Dozen Flours said...

Have you run into any issues with labels that contain a space? For example I have a label called, "budget friendly". Is there special formatting required to get that to display?

Bob Suker said...

Hi Julia,
Label names can be displayed in as many words as reasonable - for instance, I have several two-word and three-word labels on the posts of this blog.
The secret is to make sure you include a comma after each label name. Also, if you want, a hyphen.
eg: Budget-Friendly, Abandoned URLs, Anchor Links, .
There is also a rule that no gaps appear in a URL.