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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Labels - How do you want them displayed?

Labels can be of many different presentation styles. I use, and prefer, a hidden - drop-down style, on some of my blogs, which doesn't take a load of space in my sidebar. Other bloggers prefer to display all of their labels in a permanent list - some of which are very long.

The basic Blogger Labels gadget is one of the long-list style, though extremely workable. Blogger Labels, however, have recently been changed, and now have List and Cloud styled presentation. Labels can vary, as well ...

Here's a style which is similar to Blogger...

These styles are OK, I suppose, if you want a listing of labels going way down your sidebar. I am currently using the 'Cloud' style on this blog.

On some blogs, I use the Cumulus Hidden Topics style, from Cumulus Blogs, that Chuck and I, developed from the original Ramani hack, way back in in 2006.

We also came up with Cumulus Hidden LinkLists from the same hack.

These Hidden drop down options, of Cumulus Topics, take less room, as you can see. This style of Label gadget, or the LinkList gadget, gives your readers the choice of view - LIST , MENU, ZOOM - or, none (Hidden). Click on this image to display the four styles...

The menus self-close after navigating from them, or by clicking on the None option, so you don't have to worry about closing them, either.

The variability of this hack, is found in the Hidden Linklists, as well. These can be used, as displayed on most of my Roberto's Blogs, as either BlogRoll links, or as Indices of posts. Updating them is as easy as any Blogger Link List.

There's also other kinds of Labels presentations - like Tag Clouds, used to good effect at the Blog U, which I think is a great blog, too.



gez-ye-ic said...

Hi Roberto,
I deal with drop down label but I look for a label appreance, just like blog archive appreance. i.e., on the left of any label must be a small triangle, ana when I click this small triangle, all post related that label must be drop down.
Thanks for advance

gez-ye-ic said...

Hi Roberto,
Thanks for your reply.
But, I couldn't find anything about label styling at
. Could you give the link of that post if you remember, please?
I am not sure but the name of what I look for, may be zipy toggle. The style I want to use, just the style at the content archive.

Roberto said...

The style you mention, I think, is available in the standard Blogger Labels gadget.
see: The Real Blogger Status blog at

I think that's what you want.

Roberto said...

Ahh, OK. Now, I am with it. You like the 'arrow' styling of the 'Archives' list/gadget, and want that in a 'Labels' gadget?

Sorry, I misunderstood, and mislead you.

I don't know of a Labels gadget with that functionality, although I feel it would be simple enough to develop one. The 'arrows' are simply a background icon - side and down. I am not up to speed on how they can be applied, but someone would be. It's only 'styling'and javascript, I think.

Try looking through W3 Schools website -

Good luck.