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Friday, 18 December 2009

Monetize Your Blog - Choices

One of the most interesting areas of blogging, is click-able advertising on blogs. Up until recently, we really only had Google's AdSense - and the many problems being reported to the AdSense Help Group.

The alternative was to organise advertising privately - which you can still do, by the way.

Adding AdSense to your blog became as easy as adding the code to a gadget.

In April this year, Blogger Buzz announced the addition of the Monetize tab on Blogger, and the Blogger Dashboard. A new tab turned up on your Blogger Layouts which could link, automatically, to the AdSense site, to sign-up, as well as to a Google interface (API), to check on your earnings.

Clicking on the tab offers you these screens, where you can choose ...

That lead to the introduction of AdSense for Feeds, which adds ads to your Blog-Feed.

Now, we have the ability to integrate directly with Amazon Associates to search Amazon’s product catalog, and add links to products that earn you commissions when your readers buy products you recommend. You can also view information about this opportunity, on the Amazon Associates blog.

There is also a link to Google Affiliates Network ... various choices, again.

So, Monetizing your blog is now easier than ever. Try it.



Ben Spencer said...

the configure gadget is not working on mine.

Roberto said...

Hi Ben
I haven't seen anything in Known Issues about this, so I'd suggest adding it to the Blogger Forum.