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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Post Restoration

Bloggers often come to the Help Forum and ask;

"Is there a way I can restore a deleted post"?

or plead;

"Help! I've deleted my blog and now I want some of the posts back!"

Under normal circumstances, it would be difficult, unless you have the blog, or at least the post URL. If you do, then you may now get some assistance by a Google Search on the Blog URL, for the cached copy of the blog, and posts.

It is my belief that the posts you copy from the cached version, may now have non-working links, so you'll have to fix those manually, when you re-post salvaged articles.

Here is an example from Blogger Help Forum - check out the reply from one blogger ...

The sensible thing to do, when blogging, would be to regularly download an Export XML file of each of your blogs - and keep it updated - and, in a Folder on your computer! That way, if you ever delete a blog, (for which you should be shot, [IMHO]), at least you would NOT lose all your posts!

I have recently written a post, Restoring a Deleted Blog, in which I describe ways to back-up your efforts at blogging - just in case.

Also, Blogger Employees will endeavour to restore deleted posts - if you have the URL. Go to Blogger Help Forum and add your request - with ALL the details!

Update: There are now limitations in place, on this service, from Blogger.
see: this post.


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