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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Static Page Blog Profile

People often ask if they can have more than one Profile - on one account. They might have ten blogs and want variation, for a particular reason. The answer I always give is always the same:

One Blogger account - One Blogger Profile

Then, I add a condition...

But, if you wish to make your own Profile, you can.

Blogger has always given the ability to bloggers, to back-date a post, so that it never appears on the main page. In other words, a static page.

For instance, most bloggers would show no more than, say 10 - 25 posts on their main page. Why? Well, the more you display on the main page, the slower the Browser may take to display the blog. Your readers may not like that. So, back-dating a post (see Post Options on the Post Editor) allows you to back-date a post to months, or even years, in the past - into the archives, to be displayed only when searched for, or linked to!

Blogger in Draft - Post Pages are now available, too, and can be used for this purpose.

That way, it should never accidentally, appear. Of course, it will be displayed if searched for, as in the case of a self-made 'roll your own' Profile page. I've made one for this blog. See the TEXT gadget in my sidebar, under my Followers, - called:

I could name it anything I want to, like About Me (Gee, that's original!), or See My Profile, or whatever. It takes the place of a Blogger Profile gadget, though it gives the same information - and links. Naturally, if you are going to create your own profile, you would NOT load the Blogger Profile Gadget to your blog!

Something to remember, as well - the static page has many uses on a blog. It can be used for anything from a Profile to an image. Maybe a form, maybe a graph. Just publish it then link to it.

I am not the most creative blogger around, so please excuse my rushed, and rather plain example. It took me all of 30 minutes!


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