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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Posting Your Question in a Help Forum

To the average blogger, who may have a problem, the Help Forum provides an avenue for them to ask their questions, present their problems, search for answers from other like question scenarios. It's a great place - and the ONLY place, to start. However, there is a correct way and an incorrect way, to ask.

Make sure you are in the correct forum! Many people ask Gmail, or AdSense (or whatever) questions in the Blogger Forum - when there are specialised forums for most/all Google products!

  • Always search Blogger Help and the Forum, itself, (Yes, there are answers there!), to see if your problem has been reported - and answered - before, by another blogger. Most times, it has!
  • Start your OWN question thread - never piggy-back your question on someone else's thread. Please, do NOT think; "Oh, that's the same as I am experiencing. I'll add my question here, too"!
  • Make sure your Profile is completed for Google Groups!
  • Always include your blog URL.
  • Always include your Browser name, and Version.
  • Always include your Location (Country)
  • Be specific - describe the problem rather than the emotion you're experiencing.
  • Present a short narrative as to what you were doing when it happened.

The reason for this is to assist the Helpers define your problem, and suggest a remedy.

If you piggy-back your question/problem on another thread, it may well be missed - or ignored. Starting your OWN thread, helps Google/Blogger ascertain how big the problem really is, how wide-spread the problem is, and how many people it is affecting. If you add your little bit to another like-thread, it only registers as one person - one problem! Don't do it!


Thursday, 21 January 2010

PDF Files on Google Docs.

Today, I had the need to get a Family Tree PDF file, hosted, to make it easier for lots of people to view it. This, of course, saves me time and effort, uploading a 1.2 Mbs file, every time someone asks me to send them a copy. I didn't want to create a fancy document, or template. Just host the file.

The secret? Google Docs.

Google Docs can now upload any type of file, for private, or public viewing. It takes seconds to accomplish. For loads of info, see Google Docs Help. I already have a Google Account, so opening Google Docs was easy.

The steps I followed were:

  • Save a copy of the PDF file to a folder on My Documents (on my computer).
  • Open Google Docs, and click on Upload File.
  • I clicked on the option to convert the file to a Google Docs format, during this process.
  • When the file was loaded, I clicked on the Share option to Get the link to share.
  • Google provided their usual 5000 kms-long URL - which I converted to a TinyURL
  • I then added that TinyURL to my Family blog Tabs bar, and my job was done.

Now, anyone who wants to view my Family Tree PDF file, can just click on a link in my blog. Simple!

This is what it looks like on my blog ...


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A Special Thank You, from the gang at Google

Being a Blog*Star / Top Contributor - aka Helper, on the Blogger Help Forum, isn't always a bed of roses. It takes time and effort, and a thick skin, sometimes. However, a little thank you from the powers-that-be, puts a big smile on one's face, and renews, somewhat, the commitment, for the following year. I was surprised, and very thankful, when I checked my Post Box last week -

Thank You, Google!