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Thursday, 21 January 2010

PDF Files on Google Docs.

Today, I had the need to get a Family Tree PDF file, hosted, to make it easier for lots of people to view it. This, of course, saves me time and effort, uploading a 1.2 Mbs file, every time someone asks me to send them a copy. I didn't want to create a fancy document, or template. Just host the file.

The secret? Google Docs.

Google Docs can now upload any type of file, for private, or public viewing. It takes seconds to accomplish. For loads of info, see Google Docs Help. I already have a Google Account, so opening Google Docs was easy.

The steps I followed were:

  • Save a copy of the PDF file to a folder on My Documents (on my computer).
  • Open Google Docs, and click on Upload File.
  • I clicked on the option to convert the file to a Google Docs format, during this process.
  • When the file was loaded, I clicked on the Share option to Get the link to share.
  • Google provided their usual 5000 kms-long URL - which I converted to a TinyURL
  • I then added that TinyURL to my Family blog Tabs bar, and my job was done.

Now, anyone who wants to view my Family Tree PDF file, can just click on a link in my blog. Simple!

This is what it looks like on my blog ...



Cindy O said...

Thank you for posting this! Your blog has been a wonderful source of information for me as a new blogger. I figured out Google Docs for myself awhile ago, to share a couple PDFs on my blog. But this reminded me to say how much I appreciate everything else that, thanks to you, I didn't have to figure out for myself.

Roberto said...

Thank you, Cindy. Your comment makes it all worthwhile!

Warren said...

Thanks for posting this information. I cannot believe I didn't take advantage of Google Docs before. What a great service.

Patrick and Julie said...

Thanks for your helpful hints Roberto.

I really wanted this PDF on my blog and now it is!

Celebrant David Crusty Herron said...

Your Avatar user name, 'Grumpy 1' belies the truth. The plain english & relevant approach of your blog has saved me from foundering in the geek speak of the ethernet. Thanks to you I have developed a blog in just 10 weeks that comes up first page when my clients search on google. I owe you Roberto. Thanks.

David Custy Herron
Marriage Celebrant
Magnetic Island Qld

Tell me where to send the wine!

Roberto said...

Wow! David, that's great news!
I'm delighted that you have solved your challenge, and I thank you for your kind words. They make it 'all worthwhile'.
If I ever decide to make commitment (No.4), I'll come to Magnetic Is. (hahaha)

Jarred, Angela, and Nathan said...

Thanks for the clear and helpful instructions!

Jansen Family said...

Well, I realize you posted this a year ago, but I thought I'd let you know I found it very helpful yesterday.



Maryna Moolman said...

Well either I am stupid or something. My thingy looks a bit different, at Share it does not give me the option to get the link ???? Please help

Bob said...

Google docs changed it's design only a short while ago - and I am sorry, I haven't updated the images in this post.

The 'Share' button now gives three options -
1) Share - this is where the Link Code is displayed,
2) Email Collaborators - the Link Code is also displayed, and
3) Email as Attachment - where the Link Code is NOT displayed.

All you would have to do is copy the code and post it.

Girirajan said...

very handy article ... thanks a ton for the guidance.

giri rajan

SmallTownLife said...

Thank you thank you! It just took me about five minutes to successfully post my first PDF attachment on my blog thanks to your instructions.

Sally said...

many thanks for this great info works a treat :)

Scott Green said...

Your instructions were perfect! I'm pretty new to blogging and was able to embed hyperlinks into the blog and got stuck when it came to PDFs. Your guidance was awesome! Thank you

MsKitty said...

Thank you so much for this information.

Kari @ Fresh Cut Quilts said...

I want to thank you for your very helpful post on how to do this. Holy cow I have been trying to figure it out and have been so frustrated! You made it easy and explained it well. I appreciate it so much.