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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Posting Your Question in a Help Forum

To the average blogger, who may have a problem, the Help Forum provides an avenue for them to ask their questions, present their problems, search for answers from other like question scenarios. It's a great place - and the ONLY place, to start. However, there is a correct way and an incorrect way, to ask.

Make sure you are in the correct forum! Many people ask Gmail, or AdSense (or whatever) questions in the Blogger Forum - when there are specialised forums for most/all Google products!

  • Always search Blogger Help and the Forum, itself, (Yes, there are answers there!), to see if your problem has been reported - and answered - before, by another blogger. Most times, it has!
  • Start your OWN question thread - never piggy-back your question on someone else's thread. Please, do NOT think; "Oh, that's the same as I am experiencing. I'll add my question here, too"!
  • Make sure your Profile is completed for Google Groups!
  • Always include your blog URL.
  • Always include your Browser name, and Version.
  • Always include your Location (Country)
  • Be specific - describe the problem rather than the emotion you're experiencing.
  • Present a short narrative as to what you were doing when it happened.

The reason for this is to assist the Helpers define your problem, and suggest a remedy.

If you piggy-back your question/problem on another thread, it may well be missed - or ignored. Starting your OWN thread, helps Google/Blogger ascertain how big the problem really is, how wide-spread the problem is, and how many people it is affecting. If you add your little bit to another like-thread, it only registers as one person - one problem! Don't do it!


1 comment:

Sphinx said...

roberto - i found you through blogger help, and was lead to your post from feb 2008, 'adding space between posts'. this was exactly what i needed. thanks very much.
i started blogging in december last year, still very new at it and keen to learn tweaking tips. i will be back here regularly.