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Friday, 19 February 2010

Auto-Pagination - Great News Buzz

If you have been watching, or Following, Blogger Buzz, you'll see that they are testing Auto-Pagination, which will speed-up the loading of web pages.

Blogger says;

"...Latency is a word you hear a lot at Google. We are always looking for ways to make our products faster, because we have consistently found that faster page loads mean more satisfied users..."

In other words, readers will not spend time waiting for blog-pages to load a lot of, well, sorry to say this, 'crap'. Many readers throughout the world, pay for bandwidth and don't want to be wasting their money, and time. Blogger adds;

"...This has lots of implications. Users suffer — pages take longer to load, and for anyone around the world who pays for their bandwidth, they can incur unnecessary charges as their browser downloads more content than needed. You suffer, because as latency increases, page-views go down."

So, what are they doing? Blogger is releasing a change to the way in which a page, particularly search results pages, label pages, and archive pages, are loaded.

"We will dynamically adjust how much content to send to the browser depending on (a) the amount of HTML on the page being requested (in kilobytes) and (b) the number of images on the page. Users can continue to use “older posts” and “newer posts” navigation elements to see additional posts..."

and further,

"... We expect the change to be fully deployed over the next week, and once fully deployed, we expect to see several results:

  • pages will load faster
  • page-views, if impacted at all, may increase

I don't know about you, but this is great news for me, as I spend a lot of time surfing blogs and seeing what's out there.

Great work, Blogger!



Gabi Greve said...

Hi Roberto,
for me it means a the moment, that my formatting setup is deranged and they only show a few pages on the main page, not the ones I defined to show a full ABC index of the contents of the blog.

It also does not show all the pages with the same lable.

Do you have any idea if this will be remedied doon? It is hard to get an answer from BLOGGER itself ...

Gabi from Japan

mostly affected

about haiku

and about Daruma

Any helping thoughts are welcome !

Roberto said...

Hi Gabi

Mmmm, yes, I've been reading about some challenges with Auto-Pagination, on Chuck's blog, -see

I haven't been active, of late, but will try to 'follow-up' and post on my progress.