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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Blocking a Follower - How do I ?

Since Blogger introduced Following, there have been lots of changes made, or at least, it appears that way. With the introduction of Friend Connect, the method of blocking an unwanted Follower, has taken on a few more steps.

Just on 18 months ago, it was as easy as a couple of clicks, to Block a Follower. Then, very soon after, there was a slight change.

Now, you should be logged-in to your Follower, Friend Connect to make changes, such as Blocking a Follower. I must admit that I think it's a good idea because if you get to the screen required to Block someone, there's a pretty good chance that is what you intended! No accidents.

  • I found that I had to be a Follower of my own blog before I could access the screen to Block anyone!
  • You can't Block yourself!
  • You can't block an 'Anonymous' Follower

Blogger Help says:

"When you Block a follower of your blog, the user will no longer appear in the Followers Gadget on your blog and will not see your blog in their Blogger Reading List. However, since your blog is public, the user can still use the other feed readers to subscribe to your blog, read your posts, and comment."

So, if you decide to continue, and Block a Follower, the steps are as follows -

Step 1. - Sign-in!

Step 2. - Choose your Account

Step 3. Enter your Password

Step 4. - Click on Options to select Manage Members

Step 5. - Select the member to Block

Step 6. - Click on Block this user

Step 7. - Last chance to change your mind - Block

Unblocking a Blocked Follower is as easy as viewing the Show Blocked Followers, (see image at Step 5.), then clicking Unblock this user, as follows...

All Blocked users will be listed here...



Iulia said...

Very helpfull! Thanks for this article :)

mixedabilityME said...

Many thanks for this,worked a treat!!