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Thursday, 29 April 2010

BlogList - what do you keep in yours?

On this blog, I have two BlogLists, or BlogRolls, one of which I call Bonza Blogs. In Australia, we use the slang word, Bonza to indicate great, fantastic, you beauty, etc. You'll often hear people say, "I had a bonza time", "That's a bonza house", or some similar expression.

This style of BlogList, which is called, Cumulus Hidden BlogLists, is a style which Nitecruzr and I tweaked from a bonza, original idea by Ramani, of Hackosphere. We just added a different functionality for the Hidden characteristic. It now takes up less space in my sidebar, than would some other List styles. Just above it, in my sidebar, is another one. That one is called Helpful Sites and is devoted to technically helpful blogs, or websites.

That's not the reason, however, for this post. It's part of it. Maintaining a BlogList is entirely subjective. You may decide that your BlogList contains only Great Blogs which you like and suggest other bloggers link to, or visit. You may have a BlogList for many reasons.

Some of the reasons I have two BlogLists are, so I can -
  • Display access to the blogs I like to read, and
  • To keep track of very helpful sites where I can find answers to those techie questions which pop-up all too regularly.

Why spend hours looking for an answer, or leaving a question on Blogger Help Forum? Generally, most knowledgeable Helpers on the Forum will direct you to an answer they have written-up on their blogs, or to some other source. These are the sites which I try to keep track of in my Helpful Sites, as well as an extensive Favourites archive, divided into Folders, in my Browser. It takes so little time to do, but saves me heaps! Of course, it would be impossible to find the answer to every question in sites you save - but, it's a good starting place.

I'll bet that not many bloggers record the URL of a site that they got an answer from. Then, in a short while, they have another problem, and have to ask a question in Blogger Forum.

You can save the actual post URL if you like, too. On my Browser (Firefox), I have a folder called 'How To', and it is filled with post-links to answers. I can't remember everything I see, or learn.

Learn to record the sites where you find information, be it technical, or just for pleasure. You'll appreciate it one day.


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