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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Browsers, and their role in Posting and Editing

I often see bloggers asking why certain Blogger features are not present on their Post Editor toolbars. Maybe the image wizard icon is missing, or whatever, and I have great difficulty in imagining that, because nothing ever seems to go wrong with my Post Editor. Why?

Now, let me say this. Occasionally, things don't work as they should, but I have found that it's normally Blogger 'working on the lines', so to speak. They might be doing routine maintenance, or whatever it is those geeks do, to justify their salaries. However, I have routinely found that if I put it off until tomorrow, it seems to all be working properly - again.

Recently, when I was searching for something in Blogger Help - which I do regularly, I came across a link to Blogger's Browser Matrix. I knew about it, of course, but I'd never seen it up close. It is quite informative. This following matrix is from the Blogger Help page...


  • Browser: web browser name and version
  • Compose: whether or not Blogger's wysiwyg Compose mode is supported
  • HTML buttons: whether All, Some or None of Blogger's HTML mode formatting buttons are supported
  • Preview: whether or not Blogger's Preview mode is supported
  • Layouts: whether or not Blogger's Layouts feature is supported


  • * Displayed but don't work properly
  • ** Enter key (for line breaks) doesn't work
  • *** Spell Check, Upload File
  • ****We don't officially support RTE on Opera

It's designed to tell you which Blogger features are available with which Browsers. I have Windows XP SP3, and use Mozilla Firefox V3.6.16. I see that all of Blogger's features are available to me - Compose Mode, HTML Buttons, Preview and Layouts.

That started me thinking about some blogger's problems, as I mentioned above. Maybe, just maybe, those bloggers are using Browsers, like Safari, which is a very popular Browser - and a good one. As you see from the grid/matrix, some of Blogger's features are NOT available to certain Browsers. It's the same with old versions of Internet Explorer.

I normally use the Compose Mode, or wysiwyg editor, when doing most of my posts. The Compose tab contains all the formatting options.(My trouble is I tend to switch between HTML and Compose modes, far too often. I always seem to get formatting errors. They're easy enough to fix, however, I am practicing with HTML now, and intend to use it routinely, from now on.

If you use the HTML Editor, you'll recognise these...

Here's a perfect example of a problem - a missing Video button.

Something you'll notice, immediately, if you surf the Blogger Help Forum:

  • Hardly anyone ever seems to list their Browser type!
  • Everyone seems to blame Blogger! They may be correct, but then, again ..?
  • People add (piggy-back) their questions on to someone else's questions - WRONG! Start your own!

Sometimes, if there is a problem (something missing), clearing the Browser cache and Blogger cookies (only), may help.

Check Blogger's Known Issues, too... like this update - Pages


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Rosemary said...

great info - thank you !!