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Friday, 31 December 2010

Comments - How do I get a reply by email?

Sometimes, you may wish to receive notification, by email, that a reply to a comment you have left on someone's blog, has been posted. In other words, the blog owner, or someone else, has replied to your comment, and, to save you from navigating back to that particular blog, and then the particular post, you can be notified by email. That's a great bonus.

Well, it's easy to set up. When you click on 'Post a comment', or whatever it's called on a particular blog, there is a check-box on the Comments Wizard, which gives you the option to select precisely that. Here is a screen print from a blog of mine ... (click on the image to enlarge it in a separate window).

This is what the blog owner sees...

This is what a registered account holder sees...

Non-registered Commenters do not have this facility. Naturally, they are anonymous! So therefore, there is no email address. Their Comments pop-up wizard looks like this:

Registered Account holders can use any ID to Comment on a blog, and receive follow-up.

You'll notice on the above image, that ...
  • I have added a Form Message at the top - (optional).
  • Under that Message is the section for your to type your comment.
  • Under that, (in my blog's case), is the Word Verification 'captcha', which I think is essential.
  • Under Word Verification, is 'Choose an Identity'.
  • If you are signed-in, with your Google Account, you'll find the email check-box for 'Email follow-up comments to:'
  • Your email address, attached to that account, appears below that.
  • Check (tick) the box.

To cease notification emails, after receiving what you want, 'unsubscribe'. see: - Email follow-up comments to:, with Comments Subscription.



sue said...

Roberto, thanks so much for your reply. What I've found out just now, is that there are different versions of this form. It's simply that same thing but looks different.

What it meant was that I thought I was doing something wrong, and not getting the full functionality of the comments segment.

A friend pointed out that if you go to blogger in Draft, you can choose different versions depending on what suits you best. (It might be elsewhere as well, but I'm happy now.)

Thanks for your help

sue said...

Me again Roberto,

Because I got so many hits (for me) when I posted the original question on my blog, I've revamped it with additional screen shots. I've referred to you, and suggested people come and visit you and they'll probably find the answer to their Blog question.

Please feel free to delete this comment, and let me know if you'd prefer me to remove your link from my post.