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Friday, 16 April 2010

Comments-only Site Feed

Another good idea for your blog readers, is to show them comments which other readers have left on your blog. We all know that viewing comments can entail a few clicks, so, if they are in plain view, in the sidebar, or wherever, on your Main Page, maybe it would be better? I think so.

You can achieve that with a Comments-only Site Feed.

Your site-feed URLs would look like these:

(Atom 1.0:)
(RSS 2.0:)

You add the Feed URL to a Blogger Feed gadget, like this -

Once you have added the site feed gadget, simply drag and drop it where you want it to be, on your Layouts screen!

see also: Label-specific Site Feed



Sphinx said...

I like this idea very much - thanks for the lesson. Now all I need are some actual comments and I can use it!

Roberto said...

You are welcome, Sphinx!
Sorry, I suppose the trouble with Following a blog, and reading it in Google reader, is that you tend not to actually visit the site - therefore, don't comment as much.
I love your blog and recipes!
I'll visit more often.