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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Follower's Reading List - 'Hide/Show' function

One very interesting function of the Follower Reading List, is the Hide from list option. I truthfully, was never aware of it until trying to figure-out a blogger's problem, presented in the Blogger Help Forum.

Yes, I know, I should have been aware of it - like many other functions in Blogger, if you are going to blog on Blogger, you should be aware of where to find things on Blogger. Well, today, I became a little wiser.

  • The function itself, as far as I can figure out, serves no purpose, other than less clutter in your Reading List. If you Follow Publicly - why hide it from your list?
  • If you Follow a blog, Anonymously, it is not displayed on your Public Profile under Blogs I Follow.
  • Why would you want to hide a blog from your own Reading List of Blogs I am Following?
  • This Hide from list function is just for a blogger's own pleasure, I presume - and provides only confusion to some (me).

Let's look at it in the following images ...

Image 1. - This shows your Follower Reading List - Blogs I'm Following. Notice, in the top right is the Hide from list feature. It appears because I have actually selected to read the posts from one blog from the list, by clicking on the blog title. It won't appear if you are viewing All Blog Updates.

Image 2. - I was viewing the posts from an old, since deleted blog, - which I Followed anonymously because it would've be silly to show, publicly, that I was Following my own blog! I clicked on Hide from list. Two things happened ...

  • The Blogs I'm Following list changed - see left column, and
  • The Hide from list changed to Always show in list.

The posts from the now hidden blog still appear in the section under Items, until I enter any other command, ie: navigate away, or choose another task.

Image 3. - OK, I've chosen to view All Blog Updates, and the display from my now Hidden from list blog is gone. In the Blogs I'm Following list, you'll see the blog is NOT listed. Only 1 hidden blog .... Show list is obvious, and it is dulled. You can click on the Always show in list directive, all you want, but the hidden blog will NOT re-appear. That's another step.

Image 4. - This is where you get to see the name of the hidden blog, again. In image 3, above, you'll see the Show list option. In order to see the hidden blog, you have to click on that. Then, and only then, will the hidden blog re-appear, but it is still in the Hidden List. Notice also, that the directive in the top right-hand corner is missing? The Always show in list option? (I have added some question marks in the following image).

Image 5. - So, in order to get the blog back on your Blogs I'm Following Reading List - that is, remove it from hidden blogs list, you have to click on the blog title, then - click on Always show in list.

That's all, Folks!



The Cakerator said...

How do I get my thumbnail image to show in this reader list, it use to be there and it has been gone for a while and I have search and searched for a solution, I think it has something to do with feedburner but I can't figure it out.

Bob said...

I am presuming that you are referring to the Follower reading List, at the bottom of your Dashboard?
I don't ever remember icons/thumbnails ever appearing there.
I don't think Feedburner has anything to do with Follower.
...and, you should ask your questions in the Blogger Help Forum rather than on my blog.
Thank you.