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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Following the 'Leader' ?

Sometimes I get it wrong. Sometimes, I shoot-off at the mouth, instead of the hip. I am not 100% sure in this case, but...

In August, last year, I noticed a comment on one of my blogs, from Reader, who was also Following my blog. I clicked the link, saw her blog, agreed with her sentiments, saw possibilities, and decided to Follow her blog. With me, so far? Great!

It is now over a year (Mar. 2009) since this Reader wrote that post which 'got me interested' in her blog. She hasn't written one thing since then! The interesting thing is, she now has 13 Followers! I certainly hope she does something soon! This goes to prove that you do not have to write lots of posts to get Followers. You just have to get your blog in front of 'expectant hopefuls'.

I'll bet, like I did last August, that most of the Followers on her blog, feel like me. Disappointed. They saw possibilities like I did.

If you are disappointed in a blog you are Following, you can Stop Following. It's as easy as. I just hope no-one was Following my suggestion, or lead on that Reader's blog?


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