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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Google Calendar - Adding it to your Blog

Google Calendar can be added to your blog in a few different, but basically similar, ways. You would do the same as for any iFrame addition.

To learn more about Google Calendar, is the first place to start. Like with many Google Products, you have to be careful of accidentally publicising your personal details. Do some reading, please.

Because the embed code takes the form of an iFrame, which is pure html, you can add it to an html/javascript gadget, or directly into the page by adding the code to your html Post Editor. You can also, and I think this would be better, add it to a Static Page. The choice is yours, though.

(iFrames can be fun. See Nitecruzr's post on making them < Here >. Make sure you click his links, too, you'll really see an iFrame in action!)

The code is found within the Calendar itself.

Step 1. is to click on the drop-down menu on the left, in My Calendar. Select Share this Calendar.

Step 2. is to make your Calendar 'Public'. < Select this option only if you want to make all of your calendar information (including event details) available to the world. If you make your calendar public and select Share only my free/busy information (Hide details), your event details won't appear in Google Web Search or Google Calendar search results. Only your free/busy information will be visible to others.

Step 3. is to click on the sub-tab heading, Calendar Details. It is on this page that you'll find the embed code for the iFrame for your Calendar.

Image 3 above, does not show the whole page but enough for this exercise. Once you have the code copied (Right-Click and copy), you are ready to add it to your blog. Easy as. Once again, it's your choice where you place the Calendar. If you add it to an html/javascript gadget, you can move it to where you want it to be - but it will show on every page viewed. A Static Page would be better.


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