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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Images, and Saving Storage Space

Yesterday, I wrote a post on checking storage limits on various Google products. That started me thinking of ways to reduce the storage requirement of information placed on blogs. One way, is with images.

How often do you think about an image before you upload it to your blog? What about images used in headers? Have you noticed that sometimes, headers made with images, are very slow to load?

Here are three images, basically the same. Can you pick any difference between them, at sight? They look the same, are basically the same size, and dimensions. So, what, if anything, are the difference(s)?

Image 1.

Image 2.

Image 3.

Okay, short of a miracle, there's hardly a chance to pick the difference, by looking at them.

Image 1 above, started life as a copy of a regular photo, taken on my camera. I then reduced it in size to roughly 50%, using MS Picture Manager. It is now 1076 x 713 and 151 Kbs in size.

Image 2 above, started life as a copy of the original Image 1. All I did to it was compress it to document size, using MS Picture Manager. It is now 1056 x 710 and 127 Kbs in size.

Image 3 above, is the original. I did nothing to it, except add a border via MS Paint. When I uploaded it to my computer, it was 1748 x 1161 and 733Kbs.

Here, you need to bear in mind that there are Blogger limits to size of uploaded photos (Photo uploading wizard says the limit is 8 Mbs in size). When you upload an image to Blogger, it gets stored on Picasa Web Albums, and is therefore subject to the quota limit on your account there, too.

So, with your Storage Limits in mind, publishing an image takes on a different aspect. Is it really necessary to upload a large image? Will it look better? Or, is it a "pigment of the imagination"?


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