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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Known Issues - Report It

Many, many bloggers have problems - that's accepted, yet they do not search around to see if the problem is being experienced by other bloggers.

What do they do? Well, many bloggers go directly to Blogger Help Forum, do not pass 'go', do not collect $200, and then write a completely unhelpful load of subjective rubbish, do not get answered for some time, and then, wonder what the hell the problem really is/was.

Smart bloggers always look for:
  • Blogger Known Issues
  • Search the Help Forum for other reports first.
  • Perhaps Blogger Status
  • Blogger Help Articles

For instance, recently reported in Blogger's Known Issues,

"...Some users are experiencing errors when uploading images to Blogger in Draft, ( We are working on the fix. Meanwhile, you can still upload images to your posts via — latest update on Wednesday, March 24, 2010."

So, what does that tell me?
  • It tells me that my problem (uploading images via the new Blogger in Draft editor) is being experienced by other bloggers. I am not alone.
  • It tells me that Blogger is aware of the problem and are working on it.
  • It tells me that although I have hit a rut in the road, I can still complete my post. (I will need to save the post as a Draft, close Blogger in Draft (Blue), then open in Production Blogger (Orange) and upload my images. This is called a work-around.
  • It also tells me that they have NOT finalised the problem - it is still - OUTSTANDING.

So, what does the Smart blogger do?
  • The smart blogger clicks on the Blue Button which says - Report it. That's all. That's it. No lengthy diatribe is placed in the Help Forum. You do NOT have to identify yourself individually when a problem occurs. You do not have to keep logging-on to the Forum to see if someone has answered your plea.

Okay, it even says; Thanks!.

So, what does the Smart blogger do if there is NO Blue Report it Button to click?

  • Don't worry. Blogger is aware of the problem and needs no more reporting. Just have to wait, Sorry.

That has saved you a lot of time and energy and also, saved the Helpers on the Help Forum, a little of their precious time!


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