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Friday, 16 April 2010

Labels - How do you count them?

Most bloggers who have been around for a while, have heard of the Blogger Limit on the amount of Labels you can have - per blog. That limit was initially set at 2000. It is now 5000.

Back on 2nd October, 2009, a blogger asked the question: Basically, Why ?
The blogger in question had a blog with over 12,000 posts, and therefore, lots of labels. He was getting pop-up errors informing him of the new limit on labels.

On the 21st October, Blogger-in-charge Programmer/Engineer, Employee, Gatsby, replied:

" ... I've noticed a few of you have been wondering about ways to easily remove labels from your blog, so I put together a quick video to show you the easiest way to do this. We're still discussing the next steps for the limits themselves, but thought this would be helpful to pass along in the meantime."

Notice that there was no reference to the actual question - Labels Limits!

Two days later, replying in the same question thread, Gatsby reported ...

"... After listening to the feedback left in this thread and in other places, we've decided after some discussion to go ahead and increase the per-blog label limit to 5000 labels. This change, as some have already pointed out, is now live on all of your blogs.

Please plan your labeling accordingly moving forward, as performance issues will prevent us from increasing the limit again down the line. Thanks for your patience as we sorted this out and found the best balance here. The per-post limit still remains at 20..."


The Blogger Team

(Public opinion may get changes made, after all?)

So, after all that, do you know 'how' to check how many labels you have on your blog - other than physically counting them?

The Labels are displayed on the 'POSTS' editing screen, with the numbers of individual labels in parentheses.


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