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Sunday, 11 April 2010

McAfee Site Advisor - Free Browser Plug-in

Feel safe when you click on any of Roberto's Blogs. There's no links to bad, or dodgy, malware-saturated sites, to be found on my blogs. How do I know that?

Apart from the fact that I check links first, I use McAfee Site Advisor! It's a FREE Firefox Browser add-on, which sits unobtrusively on my Status Bar. Site Advisor allows me to scan any unknown sites I intend to visit - BEFORE I click on them, therefore warning me and protecting me (to the best of their ability). If I choose to disregard their warning, I do so at my own risk.
BTW - McAfee Site Advisor is standard issue with Firefox V3.6.15 version.

What do they look for1? -

"Each day, thousands of times a day, McAfee visits Websites and tests them for a comprehensive set of security threats. From annoying pop-ups to back door Trojans that can steal your identity, we find the danger zones before you stumble on them."

"Downloadable files like screensavers, toolbars and file sharing programs can be-or may be bundled with -- adware, spyware, viruses and other malicious computer code. Sometimes, the malware is added without your knowledge. Sometimes, you click "yes" or "I agree" without reading the fine print. The end result is often the same – a PC that slows to a crawl, a hidden password sniffer that is used to steal your identity, or valuable personal files destroyed or scrambled. We download and install each file we find – we even open zip files. We then scan our test computer to see what changes have been made. If a program is determined to be a virus, Trojan, or certain other types of malware, that program will earn a red rating."

This is what a potential security risk looks like...

It's well worthwhile to investigate McAfee Site Advisor - download it - and use it! Register as an owner, when you start using the program, then, when and if you find a crook site, or suspect a site, you can leave a comment on the McAfee Site.

Where did I find out about it? Nitecruzr Buzz, of course!

1 - McAfee Site Advisor Website.


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