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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Mobile Phone Blogging

For the busy blogger, or traveller, the ability to blog on the go, is a perfect way of getting information to your readers - quickly. It also saves you having to carry your computer to all places, too!

Blogger provides this service via Mail to Blogger, Blog This, and recently, Blogger Mobile.

With Mobile Blogging, Go is the operative word, as your message, be it Text, Image, or both, is sent to where Blogger does the rest by auto-provisioning a new blog and publishing your message. Of course, you may wish to add your mobile posts to an existing blog and that's easy to do - and how to do it, is covered further down in this post...(see video below).

Blogger Mobile works with any device that can send texts via SMS, or email, or images via MMS. Google does not charge for this service, and Blogger won't charge you for any of its services, however, standard message charges will apply from your mobile carrier.

Getting Started:(Video)


To Register your mobile phone with Blogger...

  • First send an SMS, MMS, or email, with the word REGISTER - to
  • Blogger will reply with the URL (address) of your new mobile blog - plus a claim code.
  • Post to your new mobile blog, or use the claim code to link your phone to a different blog (see note 2 below).
  • To unlink your device from Blogger, send an MMS, or email, with word UNREGISTER to

Note 1: Mobile bloggers in the USA (only), can send text (SMS) messages to BLOGGR (256447) - and it is currently available for US phone numbers only. Sending images (MMS) goes to

Note 2: If you need to change anything on your new mobile blog, or if you already have a Blogger account and want the posts to go to an existing blog, you can log in to , enter the token Blogger sent to your phone, then have the option to claim your new mobile blog and merge it with your existing blog.

What size photos can I send to my blog?

- Photos are currently limited to 250Kbs each. If they exceed that size, you'll receive a bounce message letting you know so you can try again with a smaller picture. Your phone (or carrier) might have size limits of its own.

Possible Problems? See < HERE >

Which Mobile Carriers does Blogger support? See < HERE >


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