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Monday, 5 April 2010

NoScript - Safer Surfing through Firefox

If you Follow the Report, you'll often see me praising the Mozilla Firefox Browser, with such subjective phrases as - "I can't think of any reason for not using it!"

I also tend to start using product recommendations from my mate, Nitecruzr, an IT Networking Security Specialist, for such things as anti-Spyware, or Browser Add-ons, or Security Products - in general, especially Testing Products, such as PingPlotter, or Hijack This and Dr.TCP. I really like Process Explorer and SandboxIE, too.

I'm sure, if you check out Nitecruzr's blog, PChuck's Network, you may be able to read tutorials on some of these products.

One particular Firefox Add-on I installed, and use every time I turn on my computer Browser, is NoScript (current version is V They call it "Your Friendly Web Cop". Have a look at this video, (courtesy of for a quick explanation of what NoScript does for you.

In today's world, it better to be safe, than sorry. The malicious software which can infect your computer is everywhere. Don't give them a free ride. You'll be surprised at how many sites, that you surf regularly, could be sources of, or link to, sites containing malicious malware...
If you think I am joking, read this post - < CLICK HERE >

I'd rather know in advance. NoScript is FREE, works like a charm, and heightens your security awareness. Use it.


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