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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Re-Publishing to, and back to a Custom Domain

NOTE: Topic UPDATED in Nov. 2015

Just recently, I noticed that most of my blogs were published to my Custom Domain in a workable fashion - BUT, they did not have the www. alias, as an alternative URL.

eg: Like this blog, they were simply published to the basic alias, like (Don't bother looking for it, it's an example), as were all the other blogs in my domain, in similar fashion.

I wanted to be able to search for , and see my blog, yet not lose my Readership, or have to set-up a re-direction, myself. Although my Custom Domain has both aliases, stubblog1 and www.stubblog1 listed in the CName record, I could not enter the www.stubblog1 alias in the address bar of a search, and be directed to my blog. Something had to change. I had to change the host URL, within the domain, to which Blogger was publishing my blogs. Simple enough, but somewhat time consuming. Here's how:

The red arrows are simply to draw your attention to important observations in the images.

Image 1. Select the Settings - Publishing screen for the blog in question, and then click on Switch to This will start the change back from your Custom Domain, to, which has to happen, so you can change your Domain host.

Image 2. The Word Verification Captcha has to be completed, then click on Save

Image 3. Once the screen changes, you then have to -
  • Take notice, and check that the address will now be your original blogspot URL
  • Click on Switch to Custom Domain

Image 4. Now, your blog is back to, and if you did nothing, Blogger would continue to publish your blog to your blogspot URL.

So, now you need to tell Blogger to publish the blog to the (correct) domain URL. To do that, presuming you already have your domain set up, you need to click on Switch to advanced settings.

Image 5. Once you are on the advanced settings screen,

  • You enter the correct host name,
  • Complete the Word Verification Captcha (again), and click Save Settings

Image 6.
This screen is a very important screen, because it contains a re-direction. In my case, it re-directs from to, so I can now type in either address and find my blog - PLUS, my Readers will not be left behind, either!

Don't forget to check the box!

You also have to complete the Word Verification Captcha - (again), and click Save Settings.

Image 7. That's it, Folks!

Why did I decide to change what was working very well? Why change from and publish to ?

The answer is quite entailed, and has everything to do with Blogger itself.



piyush23 said...

Well excellent information you have shared here and i learnedRegister a Domain a lot from this post.


Dear sir,
Everything is fine up to re-publishing to, after that when i go for republish at custom domain that i have already purchased from blogger, a error massage appear that "Another blog or Google Site is already using this address" now please suggest me what to do.

Bob said...

Limitation -
I have to ask you to publish your question in the Help Forum Help Forum.

Another blog do not lend themselves to answering in the comments section of a blog - plus - more people get to see your question.