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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Storage - How do I check my usage?

One question which doesn't get asked very often, but should be, is the question of storage space on your Google Account. For instance, images and photos are stored in your Picasa Web Album, and count towards your storage total for your Google Account. Products like Gmail and Google Docs, have their own limits.

Google storage is for Google Accounts only, and not compatible with Google Apps for your domain accounts

For example, free storage space is specific to each product. Picasa Web Albums offers 1Gb of storage for photos and videos only. Gmail provides 7+Gbs (and counting) which is reserved just for Gmail messages. Docs gives you 1Gb for everything: all of your docs, spreadsheets, presentations, and uploaded files.

Free storage from one product cannot be used by, or transferred to, another product.

So, how do you check ...

  • How much are you allowed for FREE?
  • How much of that free storage have you used?
  • How much will additional storage cost you?
  • How will I know when I have to purchase more space?

To check your storage limits and how much you've used, see your Google Account - Manage Storage.

Blogger Help1 says -

"When you run out of free storage for any product, you can purchase additional storage that is shared between products. This shared storage can be used for Picasa Web Albums uploads (Google Buzz and Blogger as well), Gmail messages, Docs content or a mix of all three - it will be used by any product that's over its free storage quota on a first-come, first-served basis. Choose from the following storage plans:

  • 20 GB - $5/yr
  • 80 GB - $20/yr
  • 200 GB - $50/yr
  • 400 GB - $100/yr
  • 1 TB - $256/yr
  • 2 TB - $512/yr
  • 4 TB - $1024/yr
  • 8 TB - $2048/yr
  • 16 TB - $4096/yr

Google storage purchases are non-refundable. You can upgrade storage plans for the pro-rated difference at any time. The Google storage you purchase is yours for the full year, at which time the plan will auto-renew based on your preference. Paid storage for one Google Account cannot be transferred to a different account. Learn more about Google storage refunds, renewals and cancellations...

"It's normal to experience a delay of up to 24 hours before purchased storage is added to your account. See our storage troubleshooting steps for more information."

"Purchasing extra storage can be done here."

Note: "It isn't currently possible to purchase more storage for a Google Apps account."

You can also check your Picasa Web Album usage, and limit, whenever you upload an image, or photo, by looking at the wizard.

1 - Blogger Help - Google Storage - How it works

see also: - Images and Saving Storage Space


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